Abun-Nu’maan narrated to us:

Sa’eed ibn Zayd narrated to us: ‘Amr ibn Maalik an-Nukree narrated to us: Abul-Jawzaa Aws ibn ‘Abdullaah narrated to us, saying: “The people of al-Madeenaah suffered a very severe drought, so they complained to ‘Aisha, so she said:

“See the grave of the Prophet; make an opening in the roof above it, so that there is nothing between it and the sky.” He said: So they did so, and we were blessed with rain such that the crops grew and camels became fat and swollen, so it was called the year of increase.”

Reported By Ad-Daarimee in his Sunan (1/43):

This athar (narration of a sahaba) is weak and can not be used as a proof for tawassul through the prophet or the awliyah because, Sa’eed ibn Zayd who is the brother of Hammaad ibn Zayd is somewhat weak. Al-Haafidh ibn Hajar said about him in at-Taqreeb: “Generally acceptable, but he makes mistakes.” Adh-Dhahabee said about him in al-Meezaan: “Yahiya ibn Sa’eed said: ‘weak’, and as-Sa’dee said: ‘He is not a proof, they declare his hadeeths to be weak.’ An -Nasaa’ee and others said: ‘He is not strong’ and Ahmad said: ‘He is all right.’ Yahiya ibn Sa’eed would not accept him.”

Also the Abun-Nu’maan in its isnaad is Muhammad ibn al-Fadl, who is known as Aarim. He was originally a reliable narrator except that he deteriorated at the end of his life. Al-Haafidh Burhaanud-Deen al-Halabee mentions him amongst those who deteriorated in later life in his book: al-Muqaddimah (p.391) and he says: “The ruling about these people is that the narrations of these people are accepted if reported from them by people who heard from them before they deteriorated. But narrations reported from them by those who heard from them after they deteriorated, or narrations reported from them by people about whom we do not know whether they heard from them before they deteriorated or after, then these narrations are to be rejected.” It is not known whether this report was heard by ad-Daarimee from Abu-Nu’maan before or after his memory deteriorated.


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