Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud said that the Messenger of Allah A. said: “If one of you loses his mount in a strange land, let him call out: `0 servants (angels) of Allah, restrain (the mount). 0 servants of Allah restrain (the mount).’ Allah has (Angels) present in the earth that will restrain it.” Narrated by Abu Ya`la and al-Tabarani

In this Hadith, Ma’ruf ibn Hassan is weak. Abu Hatim said: Majhul. Ibn ‘Adi said: Munkar ul Hadith (rejected in Hadith).

Then the narrator Sa’id ibn ‘Arubah had ikhtilat (lost memory when old) and An-Nasa’i said: Whoever narrates from him after losing memory, it is nothing.

AlsoMa’ruf ibn Hassan is from small narrators and only old narrators narrated from him before losing memory

Moreover Sa’id ibn ‘Arubah is a Mudalis, Hafiz ibn Hajar said: “Katheer ut Tadlis (doing a lot of Tadlis)”, and he narrated with words “’an” from ibn Buraydah, so this is not accepted.

Furthermore, Hafiz ibn Hajar said in “Nataij ul Afkar” This is a Ghareeb Hadith narrated by ibn us-Sunni and At-Tabarani, and there is Inqita’ (disconnection) between Buraydah and ibn Mas’ud” So there are four defects in this Hadith.

There is a similar Hadith narrated by ibn Abi Shaybah in his “Musannaf” v 10 p 424-425 with Isnad: Yazib ibn Harun narrated to us, Muhammad ibn Ishaq narrated to us from Aban ibn Salih that the Prophet and he mentioned similarly.

This Isnad is Mu’dal (meaning there are two narrators missing in the Isnad) and the Tadlis (lies) of ibn Ishaq is famous.

Due to all these defects, none of the scholars of hadeeth have ever authenticated this hadeeth.


About Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie

I am a revert trying to spread the sunnah inshallah.
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