Hafiz Ibn Kathir mentioned that the rallying cry of the Muslims at the battle of Yamama was: ‘0 Muhammad’ (Ya Muhammadah). He said: “Khalid b. Walid battled them until he passed through their ranks and went to the mountain of Musaylama. He was watching closely, waiting to find him and kill him. He then returned to where he was previously and stood between the two opposing armies and called for individual one-on-one combat saying: ‘I am Ibn al-Walid the one who returns, I am Ibn ‘Amir and Zayd.’ He then called out with the battle cry of the Muslims, and their battle cry on that day was: 0 Muhammad!” (Al-Bidayah wal-Nihaya 6/324)”

At-Tabari mentioned the Isnad of the poem of Khalid ibnul Walid and the saying of Muslims on battle “O Muhammad” in his book “Tarikh Al-Umam Wal Muluk” v 3 p 293 with Isnad: from Shu’ayb from Sayf from Dahak ibn Yarbu’ from his father from a man from Banu Suhyam.

And this Isnad is extremely weak, as it contains Sayd ibn ‘Umar, the author of “Al-Futuh”. Abu Hatim declared him to be Matruk, Ibn Hibban said he is accused of heresy, and ibn ‘Adi said that most of his Ahadith are Munkar. Despite this, there are two other narrators Dahak ibn Yarbu’ and the man from Banu Suhaym are Majhul (unknowen).


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