Some Muslims think visiting the Prophet Mohammed’s grave is recommended or even obligatory. One of the hadeeths that these people use to justify their believes is the narration in which,

The prophet Mohammed said, “Whoever didn’t visit me he pained me.”

A slight variation of this hadeeth is, the prophet Mohammed said, ”He who performed hajj and did not visit me he pained me.”

The first wording is narrated by ibn Najjar in “Tareeh al Madeena” without a chain, using the term “and it was narrated from Ale”.

Mohammad ibn Abd-al-Hade said: “This narration from fabrications and lies upon Ale ibn Abe Taleeb”. (Sareem al Munke p 151).

As for second one wording of the hadeeth Dhahabi gave this narration in “Mizan” in the bio of an-Nomaan ibn Shibl and cited Moosa ibn Kharoon, that an-Nomaan was accused (in lie). He also noticed that this narration is fabrication.

This opinion also shared Ajloone, which said in “Kashful hawa” (2/366) that this narration isn’t authentic. Add Sahawe as well. (see Makaseed 500).

Suyoote in “Durr al mutanaseera” (128) said that chain is extremely weak.


About Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie

I am a revert trying to spread the sunnah inshallah.
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