The Sufi Ashari Maturidis claim the prophet Mohammed is noor (light) from Allah and human. To back this strange believe they often quote athar and hadeeth to support their view from the book as Shifa of Qadi Iyad because it is many fabricated hadeeth in it.

Imam ad-Dhahabi said regarding Qadi Iyad in Siyar Alam al-Nubala. In his biographical entry on al-Qadi Iyad Vol 20 Page 216, he writes: “His (Qadi Iyad) writings are valuable and one of his best works would have been his book as-Shifa had it not been filled with fabricated hadeeth.”

The often quote an athar (narration of a sahabi) of Ibn Abbas from as Shifa of Qadi Iyad, that Ibn Abbas said “that the spirit of the Prophet was a light in the hands of Allah two thousand years before he created Adam. That light glorified Him and the angels glorified by his glorification. When Allah created Adam he caste, that light into his loins. The Messenger of Allah then said, “Allah brought me down to earth in the loins of Adam, placed me in the loins of Nuh and then cast me into the loins of Ibraheem Allah continued to move me from noble loins and pure wombs until he brought me out from my parents. None of them were ever joined together in fornication.”

There is no isnad (chain of narration) to this athar, Qadi Iyad brings no isnad (chain of narration) and even the Sufi Ashari Maturidis who use this athar bring no chain of narration fro this athar. Hadeeth and athar with no isnad (chain of narration) are grade as fabricated by the scholars of hadeeth and this is a well known fact. This just another fabricated athar and Imam ad-Dhahabi said, “one of his best works would have been his book as-Shifa had it not been filled with fabricated a hadeeth.” (Quote reference already given)

Qadi Iyad contradicts this athar in the same book as he said, “We have mentioned before that prophet (Mohammed) and all the prophets and messengers are human being and that there body and apparent things are pure manly.” As shifa of Qadi Iyad Vol 2 Section 3, chapter 2

In As Shifa of Qadi Iyad Vol 2 SECTION 3: The Prophet’s states with respect to worldly matters, he brings a hadeeth from Saheeh Muslim where the prophet states clearly he is a human being. So it is strange that the Sufi Ashari Matrurids report this athar of Ibn Abbas from his book which has no insand (chain of narration) regarding the prophet Mohammed being noor (light).

The hadeeth he narrates in his book from Saheeh Muslim was reported from Rafi’ ibn Khadij who said that “Allah’s Messenger came to Medina and the people had been grafting the trees. He said: What are you doing? They said: We are grafting them, whereupon he said: It may perhaps be good for you if you do not do that, so they abandoned this practice (and the date-palms) began to yield less fruit. They made a mention of it (to the Prophet), whereupon he said: I am a human being, so when I command you about a thing pertaining to religion, do accept it, and when I command you about a thing out of my personal opinion, keep it in mind that I am a human being.

Qadi Iyad also brings a supporting hadeeth from Ibn Abbas which affirms the hadeeth in Saheeh Muslim because in the hadeeth from Ibn Abbas the prophet said he was a man. However it contradicts the athar of Ibn Abbas about the prophet being noor (light).

In As Shifa of Qadi Iyad Vol 2 SECTION 3: The Prophet’s states with respect to worldly matters, he says “(in) the hadeeth from Ibn Abbas we find, “I am a man. What I tell you from Allah is true. In what I say from myself, I am but a man. I can err and I can be right.” This is what he said about himself regarding his opinions about the affairs of this world. That is not the case with any words which came from him or his ijtihad when laying down the Shariah or making a Sunnah.

The Standing Committee for Issuing Fatwa’s agree with Qadi Iyads t statement that the prophet Mohammed was a human they said, “The Quran and the saheeh Sunnah indicate that the Prophet was a human and did not differ in his human make-up from other people. He had a shadow like any other human. The Prophethood with which Allah honoured him did not alter the fact that he was human as Allah created him, with a father and mother.” Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah, 1/464 

Shaykh Uthaymeen also agrees with Qadi Iyads statement that the prophet Mohammed was a human, as Shaykh Uthaymeen said, “With regard to Muhammad, like all other human beings, he was created from the water (semen) of his father, Abd-Allaah ibn Abd al-Muttalib. He is no different from other human beings in the manner in which he was created, as he said about himself, “…I am a human being like you and liable to forget like you… (Saheeh Bukhari).” He felt fear, got thirsty, felt cold, suffered from the heat, got sick and died.

Everything that humans go through as a part of human nature, he also went through, but he is distinguished by the fact that he received revelation and he was qualified to bear the Message, as Allah said, “Allah knows best with whom to place His Message” al-An’aam 6:124. Majmoo’ Fataawa wa Rasaa’il Fadeelat al-, vol. 1, p. 62-63

Even if the Sufi Ashari Maturidis claim the athar from Qadi Iyads book about the prophet Mohammed being noor (light) is saheeh or hasan, it contradicts the authentic hadeeth of the prophet in which he states the angels are made from light and does not say he was made from light or part light and part man (human).

The Prophet said, “The angels were created from light…” Muslim, 2996.

Shaykh Albaani said “This indicates that the well known hadeeth that is in circulation among people, “The first thing that Allah created was the light of your Prophet, O Jabir” is false (Shaykh Abdullah Al-Ghumari, in his “Murshid Al-Hair li Bayan Wad’ Hadeeth Jabir” and he said, “this is a fabricated hadeeth that has no basis in the books of Sunnah”), and so are other similar ahaadeeth which say that the Prophet was created from light. This hadeeth clearly indicates that the angels are the only ones who are created from light, not Adam and his sons, so pay heed and do not be negligent.” Taken from al-Silsilah al-Saheehah (458).


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