The Sufi Ashari Maturidis claim that the prophet Mohammed was the first thing created. However this is a lie the Allah created water first then he created every living thing from water.

Imam Ahmad also recorded a similar narration but with slightly different wording, that Abu Hurairah said, “I said: O Messenger of Allah, when I see you I feel happy and content, tell me about everything. He said, ‘everything was created from water’…” This chain of narration fulfils the conditions of the Bukhari and Muslim, apart from Abu Maymunah, but he is one of the men of the Sunans, his first name was Salim; and At-Tirmidhi classed him as Saheeh.

A supporting narration for the above hadeeth is reported by Ibn Majah and Ibn Hiban reported that Abu Hurairah said, “O Prophet of Allah, whenever I see you my inner self becomes calm, and my eye is pleased so tell me about all things. So he said: ‘Allah the Exalted created all things from water’”.

Also these hadeeths are in line with Allahs saying in the Quran. Allah said “And we have made from water every living thing.” Surah al-Anbiya:30.  Ibn Kathir in his tafsir said “(the meaning) is the origin of every living thing is in water.”

Therefore if Allah has created all living things from water as the prophet indicted and Allah also stated, then the Prophet Mohammed’s origin is in water like every other living thing. So this means that water must have been created before the prophet or any other living thing was.

Imam As-Suddi narrated in his Tafsir narrated from Ibn Abbas that he said, “Allah the Exalted did not create anything before the water”.

In Bukhari, Bayhaqi, and ibn Al-Jaroud report from Umran Ibn Haseen that the people of Yemen came to Prophet Mohammed and said: O Prophet of Allah we came to you to learn about our religion and to ask you about the Beginning of this thing, how was it? So he replied: It was Allah, and nothing else, and His Throne was on the water, and He wrote in the Book all things and then he created the heavens and the earth”.

Ibn Hajar said in the explanation of Bukhari that this hadeeth indicated that water was the first creation and then Allah created the throne.

In the Tafsir of Shaykh Abdul-Razzaq from the route of Imam Qatadah in explaining the verse in surah Hud:7  “He created the water, then the throne” ,he (Qatadah) said, “this is the beginning of the creations before He created the heavens and the skies” and Ibn Jarir reported that Mujahid said about this ayah “Before he created anything else (meaning water was the first creation of Allah).”

Shaykh Abd-Allaah ibn Humayd said “Muhammad is the best of the creation of Allah, and the highest in status. But he is not the first of the creation of Allah…” Fataawa Samaahat al- p. 16

Important point

Was The Prophet Mohammed The First Thing To Be Created?

The famous hadeeth of Jabir indicates that the prophet Mohammed was the first thing to be created this is why Sufi Ashari Maturidis claim that the prophet Mohammed was the first thing created.

The prophet said, “The first thing that Allah created was the light of your Prophet, O Jabir”

However Shaykh Albaani said this hadeeth and other similar ones are false in his al-Silsilah al-Saheehah (458).

Shaykh Abdullah Al-Ghumari, in his “Murshid Al-Hair li Bayan Wad’ Hadeeth Jabir” and he said, “this is a fabricated hadeeth that has no basis in the books of Sunnah.”

Thus this hadeeth is not a prove of anything in the religion as it false, fabricated and a lie on the prophet Mohammed.


About Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie

I am a revert trying to spread the sunnah inshallah.
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