The Khawariju’l-Qa’diyyah & The Takfiris Of This Time

The Muslims should be aware of the takfiris (like Hizb ut Tahrir, the Ikwaanis, the Muhajaaroon and many of the callers to this takfiri manhaj)who hold on to the manhaj of the Khawariju’l-Qa’diyyah (sitters). This group is from among the sects of Khawarij who are revolutionaries, instigators and agitators.

This group did not fight and revolt against the Muslim rulers instead they sat back (hence the name Qa’diyyah (sitters)) and provoked the lay-people to hate the rulers by making takfir of the rulers, talking about opposing the rulers as they are unjust, backbiting the rulers and slandering the rulers in there gathering (those who traverse their manhaj today do the same things but they add to this: they also use protest, demonstrations, sit-ins, talk about the rulers legitimacy and they talk about how the rulers should be opposed as they are bidah (innovated) ruling system all this is done with the aim of stirring up hatred between the common folk and the rulers).

Al-Azhari said: “al-Qa’d: plural of Qaa’id and the Qadee is from amongt those Khawarij…they sit back from the revolt against thepeople.” (al-Azhari, Mu’jam Tadheebul-Lughah, 3/3006)

Also they are those who try to gain power (ruler ship) by turning the people against the rulers but without fighting. Az-Zubaydi said: “…the Haruriyah (a sect among Khawarij) are named Qa’diyyah. And the Shurat (a sect among Khawarij) are those who try to gain the rule but do not go into battle; they are also named Qa’diyyah.” (az-Zubaydi, Taju’l-Urus,5/195)

Az-Zubaydi said: “The Qa’dah are a people from amongst the Khawarij who sat back from helping Ali ibn Abi Talib (against the Khawarij that revolt against him) and they sat back from fighting with him. And whoever holds their opinion is a Qa’di instigator…they sit back when it comes to revolt against the people…And the Qa’diyyah are those who do not leave for the fighting…”(az-Zubaydi, Taju’l-Urus,5/195)

Ibn Hajar said: “The Khawarij of al-Qadiyyah did not hold the view of waging war. Rather,they opposed the rulers in accordance to their strength, they called to their opinion and along with that they beautified revolt and held it to be good.” (at-Tadheed 8/114)  He also said: “The Qa’diyyah: Those who beautify revolt against the rulers yet do not actually do itthemselves.” (Hadyu’s-Saree, 459)

al-Azhari quoted that ibn Arabi said:al-Qa’d: The Shurat  (a sect among Khawarij) who desire to attain ruler-ship, yet do not wage war.” (al-Azhari, Mu’jam Tadheebul-Lughah, 3/3006)  and he said, “The Qa’diyyah are those who incite the people, stir up hatred within the hearts against the rulers and issue fatawa making lawful what Allah has declared unlawful in the name of changing the evil (i.e. make lawful fighting the Muslim ruler believing he is a kafir when in fact its haraam to fight the ruler due to the fact he is a Muslim)…” (Sharr Qatlaa, 20)

So know o reader those takfiris (groups and callers) in this age who traverse the manhaj of the Khawariju’l-Qa’diyyah (sitters) differ from the Khawarijuth-Thawriyyah, because the Khawarijuth-Thawriyyah are the sect who revolt and fight against the Muslim rulers (like Al Qaedah and Al Shabab (in East Africa)). Those who cling to the manhaj of Khawariju’l-Qa’diyyah (sitters) are worst than those who hold on to the manhaj of the Khawarijuth-Thawriyyah, Abdullah ibn Muhammad ad-Daif (ra) said: “The Qadiyyah are the wickedest of the Khawarij.” (AbuDawud, Masailu Imam Ahmad, 271) and Az-Zubaydi said: “And they are the wickedest of the Khawarij.” (Sharr Qatlaa, 20)

This group is very dangerous because they speak with the best speech amongst creation. Imam Bukhari narrated this from Ali, about the khawarij. They outwardly manifest the attributes of calling to good and forbidding evil, redirecting the religious texts concerning that towards disputing with the rulers, rebelling against them and fighting against those who oppose them. These characteristics are mentioned in ash-Shari’ah and also al-Khawarij Awwalul-Firaq fee Tarikh-il-Islam. They speak using the speech and words of the people of knowledge.

Ibn Hajar said: “And the Qadiyyah are, in most cases, more dangerous than the Khawarij (Khawarijuth-Thawriyyah) themselves. Since speech, inciting hatred within the hearts and provoking the common-folks against the rulers has the most profound effect upon the souls; especially when it comes from a man who is an eloquent speaker who dupes the people with his tongue and disguises it with the Sunnah.” (al-Ajwibatu’l-Mufidah, 202)

So from the above it is clear that all the Muslims should be aware of those takfiris (groups and callers) in this age who traverse the manhaj of the Khawariju’l-Qa’diyyah (sitters) as they are headed by eloquent speakers who dupe the people with their tongues and disguise their takfiri speech with the Sunnah.


About Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie

I am a revert trying to spread the sunnah inshallah.
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