Shaykh Ubayd Al-Jabeeri – Busying Oneself With Rudood (Refutations) While Being Negligent Of Gaining Knowledge

Question: O Noble Sheikh, lately people have busied themselves with books and tapes that contain refutations while being negligent of gaining knowledge. And if someone was to advice and encourage the youth to seek knowledge, he may be categorized as one of the followers of fulaan or ‘illaan (so and so or so and so). So what are the regulations in this matter, and what is your advice in dealing with these youth as it relates to this issue, and can you give some general advice to the youth on seeking knowledge?

Answer by Shaykh ‘Ubayd Al Jabiree, “The first is one who has the capability of reading refutations and gaining knowledge at the same time. This type of person is not to be refuted, he is to be supported and one should ask Allah to bless his efforts, as long as he has the ability to gain knowledge in various issues, whether they are complex or basic, large or small. He is not to be discouraged and it is not permissible to discourage him, as long as he doesn’t neglect the seeking of knowledge.

The second type is one who has no interest in gaining knowledge, rather all he is concerned about is what’s going on, so and so said this and so and so said that. This one we should be harsh with, not because he is practicing an innovation, but for of his own benefit. It should be said to him: “You have neglected something that is more important than this (refutations).” If the scholars passed away, those whom Allah has used to fight off and defeat innovations and its people and were mountains of knowledge, if they pass away, who would inherit them if we didn’t have any knowledge!!? Would the ignorant inherit them my sons!? Are the ignorant suitable for ruling, leading and guiding the people after them!? Never! They will be misguided and they will misguide the people.

So from this perspective we are to be harsh on this brother of ours, and it should be said to him: “Fear Allah! You have dedicated most if not all of your time on refutations. And it was enough for you to know that imam so and so, or so and so from amongst the scholars has refuted so and so from the people, exposed his state and uncovered his disguise to show what he was upon as it relates to innovations and misguidance, that was enough for you.

And I say, me personally, I haven’t read everything that Shaykh Rabee’ has written on Sayid Qutub. May Allah preserve him (Shaykh Rabee’) and the rest of the scholars of Islam and the sunnah, during their life and after their death. I haven’t read it all, but I understood it. I read part of it, so I understood the rest. This is because shaykh Rabee’ to me is a flag bearer, he raises with it the banner of the sunnah and he defends it and its people. And he has never raised it (the banner), and to Allah belongs all praise, against an opponent of the sunnah, except that the flag returned victorious, strong and sustained, without relenting or softening, and with it the people of bidah, misguidance and their devils have been exposed, wa lilLahil hamd.

So it is enough for me that Shaykh Rabee’ has refuted so and so, or Shaykh Muhamed Ibnu ‘Uthaymeen has refuted so and so, that’s enough for me!

The third type is one who doesn’t really know what’s going on. This one, we are to stand by him, and show him what the scholars of the sunnah confronted the devils of misguidance and the leaders of innovation with, so that he may be upon knowledge [of these issues] and so he is not caught unaware.

This is the correct manhaj may Allah bless you…”

Ref: AUDIO TAPE Al Hadul-Faasil/4th question


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