Shaykh Abdul Malik ar-Ramadani al-Jaza’iri – There Does Not To Be An Ijmah For Tabdee, But There Does When Imposing It On Others

Question“Our beloved Shaykh ’AbdulMalik, may Allāh preserve you, is it a condition for there to be an ijmā’ for tabdī’?”

Answer: It is not a condition that the ’Ulama have an ijmā’ on the tabdī’ of a person, however if he intends for there to be an ijmā’ on an issue as being an innovation within this is a strong view or the view in it is strong, as not every issue which the scholars are not agreed upon as being innovations can render a person as one of innovation. You could regard the action as one of innovation but you cannot say the man is an innovator who has had innovation overcome him, as occurred between Ibn ’Umar and ’Uthmān when ’Uthmān implemented the second adhān and Ibn ’Umar viewed that as being an innovation. Ibn ’Umar did not say “I will not call it an innovation until the Muhajireen and Ansaar agree on it before I rule is as being an innovation”. However, this I what his ijtihād led him to and likewise the Mujtahideen of this time. There remains a third issue which is that: there has to be an ijmā’ of the ’Ulama for imposing people to make tabdī’. Which means that: it is not permitted for you to test the people over an issue which you view as being an innovation yet other than you do not regard as being an innovation; or that so and so is an innovator 

yet other than you from the ’Ulama do not regard him as being an innovator as deem him as being from Ahl us-Sunnah. It is not permitted for you to test the people with these things. It should be said to you that: Ahl us-Sunnah differ in regards to so and so, what suits them suits you. Yes, there is no problem in explaining to people what is right or wrong, and what is innovation, but for you to impose your view on others is incorrect. This is what occurs today from some of those, from our brothers unfortunately, who go to excess in regards to tajreeh. They obligate people to their view that “so and so is an innovator” even though there are present those who have higher status of knowledge than him who say the opposite of that. So clarify, no harm to you in that, refute, there is no harm to you in that, discuss, there is no harm to you in that, as long as it is within the parameters of manners and disagreement. However, do not make it an issue of allegiance and disavowal and then expel people from Salafiyyah over people who the Salafi people of knowledge disagree over. This is the source of extremism and we are not happy for our brothers to possess this. 

[1] From a recent Q&A session with the Shaykh which can be heard here, after 1 hour and 23 minutes:

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