Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah Do Not Destroy Scholars Or Students Of Knowledge Due To Mistakes – Imam Adh-Dhahabee & Imam Ibn Qayyim

Imam Adh-Dhahabee then said: “ If every time an Imaam (or the students of knowledge) makes a mistake in an individual issue that he will be forgiven for, we…declare him an innovator and boycott him, then non would be safe from us (i.e. the scholars of Islam)…Allah is the one who guides his creation to the truth and he is the most merciful of all mercy givers. So we seek refuge in Allah from desires and uncivilized, uncultured, unrefined, unpolished, unsophisticated harshness” Ref: Siyar A’laamin Nubalaa 13/40

Also Imam Adh-Dhahabee has stated: “Indeed the major scholar from the Imams of knowledge, if he is regularly correct, and his striving to reach the truth is well known, and his knowledge is vast and his intellect is attested to, and his soundness, piety and following of the Sunnah is well known, then his slips are forgiven for him, we do not declare him misguided, nor repel him and forget his good. (It is) True, we do not follow him upon his innovation or his mistake, though we hope for him that he makes taubah from that” Ref: Siyar A’laamin Nubalaa 5/271

In addtion Imam Ibn Qayyim has mentioned: “Certainly the noble one (from the scholars or the students of knowledge), the one who has a position of righteousness within Islam and has left a good impression (upon the ummah), and who has noble status within Islam and among its people, it is possible that he may have a mistake or a slip that he is excused for, in fact rewarded for, due to his efforts and striving. It is (of course) not permissible to follow him upon that (mistake). Neither is it permissible to destroy and render in vain his station, his status of being an imam or his position in the hearts of the people” Ref: I’laamul Muwaqi’een 3/237

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