Blind Following Is Impermissible In Matters Of Tabdee (Declaring Someone To Be An Innovator) – Shaykh Zayd Al-Madkhalee

I (Shaykh Zayd al Madkhalee) say: it is impermissible for anyone to declare an individual to be an innovator without proof and without certainty. The person who issues verdicts with regard to innovations and Jarh (criticism) on others must be qualified for that, he must be from the people who are knowledgeable in Jarh, Sunnan (plural of sunnah) and innovations.

As to blind follow like this, and to transgress others without knowledge,then verily Allaah will question him and,punish him for slandering Muslims without knowledge.

So, blind following is impermissible in regarding to this. A matter of fact, only an individual who has knowledge of Jarh and Ta’deel can criticize. Someone who has knowledge of what is Sunnah and what is innovation and it has been proven that the concerned individual has fallen into such and such innovation. Either from his books or his audios or from his gatherings.

Therefore if the ‘adl (person whose narration is accepted) conveyed that someone has fallen into innovation and brought forward the proof on that, his conveyance is accepted.

So, the point is the matter of Tabdee’ (declaring someone to be an innovator), Takfeer and Tafseeq (declaring someone to be a disbeliever and transgressor) and issuing rulings on others without clear proof is impermissible in all circumstances.

Be aware and be aware of this. And the student of knowledge must be a student with knowledge, he should not violate (peoples) honour nor should he transgress the people of knowledge and nor should he speak regarding them except with truth and clarity.


Posted by Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie


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