The Difference Between Blind Following A Scholar & Seeking Aid From A Scholars Understanding – Shaykh Muhammad Bin Ismaa’eel As-San’aanee

Shaykh Muhammad bin Ismaa’eel As-San’aanee said, “And there is a difference between blindly following a scholar in everything that he says and seeking aid from his understanding.

The first is adopting his statement without looking for a proof from the Quran or Sunnah.

And seeking aid from his understanding- which is the second- is like the skillful guide on the path for the passer-by.

So he (the scholar) is a guide to a proof, once he (the passer-by) reached it (the proof) he is sufficed from using other than it as a proof. And this is similar to he who uses the star to be guided to the Qiblah, if he sees the Qiblah; no reason is left to use the star”

Ref: Irshaadun-Nuqaad elaa tayseeril-Ijtihaad 105

Posted by Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie


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