Ahlus Sunnah Do Not Blind Follow No Scholar – Shaykh Muqbil Ibn Haadi al-Waadi’i

Shaykh Muqbil Ibn Haadi al-Waadi’i, said, “And we (Ahlus Sunnah) say: we hold blind-following to be forbidden.*

So it is not allowed for us to blindly follow Shaykh al-Albaani, nor Shaykh Ibn Baz nor Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen, for indeed Allah says in His Noble Book,

“Follow, [O mankind], what has been revealed to you from your Lord and do not follow other than Him any allies. Little do you remember,”[Al-A’raaf 7:3]

and He said, “And do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge.” [Al-Israa 17:36]

So Ahlus Sunnah do not blindly follow (anyone no matter their level of knowledge, status in the deen or status in the dunyah).”

Ref: Tuhfatul-Mujeeb ’alaa As’ilatil-Haadiri wal-Ghareeb, p. 222.


* (My Words) – The general rule and foundation of Ahlus Sunnah is that they do not blind follow (follow scholars without knowing their evidences). They follow the evidences from the Quran, the Authentic Sunnah and Ijmah (consensus of the sahaba or scholars) brought by a scholar of Ahlus Sunnah and then explained by that scholar upon the understanding of the salaf us saalih (righteous predecessors).

This is why Ahlus Sunnah do not blind follow in issues of takfeer (casting a Muslim out of Islam), tabdee (labeling a person a innovator) and tafseeq (labeling a person a fassiq (a open major sinner)).

However in fiqh issues sometimes some people from Ahlus Sunnah (especially the laypeople and small students of knowledge) may have to blind follow a scholar from Ahlus Sunnah who they trust in his verdicts in fiqh issues unknown to them or in fiqh issues that they find too difficult to understand all the evidences.

Or at other times this blind following may occur in issues of hadeeth because they blind follow a hadeeth scholar in his grading of a hadeeth due to not having either the resources, the knowledge or the time to research into that hadeeths grading (i.e. it being saheeh, hasan or daeef).

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