Going To The Lessons Of The Mukhaalifoon (Those Who Oppose The Truth) – Shaykh Ahmed Bazmool

Shaykh Ahmed Bazmool said, “There is no doubt that this is a false argument and a weak shubhah (doubt).

(The argument is: Some students of knowledge go to the lessons of the mukhaalifoon (those who oppose the truth) and assert that these mukhaifoon give lessons and that no mukhaalafah from them has appeared. So therefore they state, ‘they will attend these lessons and won’t leave them’.)

This is because if it has been established that this person is from the mukhaalifoon, then whether he speaks with his falsehood or he doesn’t, it is obligatory upon you according to the Sharee‘ah that you do not go to him, so as to protect, preserve and guard your religion from his mukhaalafaat.

The second thing: it is obligatory upon you according to the Sharee‘ah that you go to the Scholars of the Sunnah who are known with [adherence to] the Sunnah.

The third thing: you are not able to distinguish between the Truth and the falsehood.

The fourth thing: we have previously read from the words of Shaykh al-Qayrawaanee – may Allaah have mercy upon him – when he clarified to you that those mukhaalifoon, at first, will show you religion, love, truthfulness and knowledge, and they will command you with good and forbid you from evil, and then they will inject the poison into their words.

So at first – so that they can lure you in – they will speak with words that you, they and everyone agrees with. Then, after that, he injects innovations, misguidance and mukhaalafaat into your mind and heart.

So why, O servant of Allaah? Why, O servant of Allaah?

If you are truthful and you seek this knowledge for the sake of Allaah, then why don’t you seek it from its people, the people of Allaah – the Mighty and Majestic – and His Awliyaa’ (righteous, pious servants), the truthful Scholars, the people of Sunnah?

Why do you go to those who displace words from their (right) places?

Why do you go to those who play with the Sunnah of the Prophet -salla Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam- or play with the Salafi Manhaj?

Why do you go to those who oppose the Truth?

You, in your affairs of the dunyaa: if a person opposes your family, your father or your tribe or he opposes you in an affair that you love and he follows other than your path, you would abandon him, you would hate him and you would be against him. Aren’t you ashamed? In the affairs of the dunyaa (wordly affairs) you do this, and in the affairs of your religion and in the affairs that Allaah – the Mighty and Majestic – loves, you follow a path in opposition to what Allaah – the Mighty and Majestic – wants?

This is why we should be people of truthfulness, people of determination and people of truth – we do not play or slacken.

The religion is in need of men who, when they carry it and when they take control of it, they move forward with it as serious people, who glorify the truth, until they reach (i.e. meet) Allaah – the Mighty and Majestic.

And as (Shaykh) Al-Albaanee, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said in his famous and beautiful statement:

“The path to Allaah is long, and the important thing is not that you reach its end. But the important thing is that you die upon it!”

Meaning: don’t deviate to the right or to the left. Ok, so why should you die upon it? Because if you die upon it, and you are in its beginning, you will reach its end.

As long as you are upon the Sunnah… If you were a mukhaalif (one that opposes the Truth) and then Allaah conferred His Favour upon you by guiding you [to the Sunnah], and you followed it and died [upon it], then you will reach its end.

Whereas if you did what you did from acts of obedience and good deeds, and you deviated from the path to the right or the left, you will not reach this long path and its end. For verily, Allaah has deprived the innovator from repentance (until he leaves his innovation).”

Ref: Questions & Answers regarding Manhaj (Methodology) – Shaykh Ahmad Baazmool

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