Boycotting Products Manufactured By Non-Muslims & In Particular Jewish Products – Shaykh Uthaymeen & Shaykh Bin Baz

Shaykh Uthaymeen said, “Have you never heard that the prophet used to buy food from a Jewish man to feed his family?!

He died while his shield was pawned to this Jewish man.(1) Have you never heard that the messenger used to accept gifts from the Jews?!(2)

If we are going to go so far as to say this (saying Muslims should boycott coke and other Jewish products (and other so called Jewish products) in order to show support for Palestine), then let us not overlook something even more obvious: we use automobiles that are manufactured by Jewish companies. There are other beneficial products made only by them (so will we boycott all Jewish products or just pick and choose)…”(3)

Ref: This fatwa was taken from a book called “Al-Fatawa Ash-Shar’iyyah fi Al-Qadhaya Al-‘Asriyyah,” a collection of various rulings by Muhammad Ibn Fahd Al-Husayn.


1) This is mentioned in the hadith recorded by Al-Bukhari (no. 2068) and Muslim (no. 4090).

2) This is mentioned in the hadith recorded by Al-Bukhari (no. 5777).

3) Taken from: al-Bab al-Maftuh (no. 61-70, pg. 95).

Also on this subject Shaykh Bin Baz said, “Purchasing products from non-Muslims is of course permissible. The prophet used to buy things from Jews.

Even when he died, his shield was
in the possession of a Jewish man, (as the prophet had) pawned (it) for food to feed his family.

He used to clarify to people their (the non-Muslims false) beliefs so that people (the Muslims) would not take them as their closest and most intimate friends.

But as for buying things from them for which there is a need, then this is a simple matter.”

Ref: Taken from the cassette: Sharh Kashf al-Shubuhat of Shaykh Bin Baz

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