Boycotting Products Manufactured By Non-Muslims – Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Council Of Senior Scholars

Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Council of Senior Scholars said, “It is allowed to buy any product that is permisòpsible in itself no matter where it was produced, unless the (Muslim) government commands that we should boycott something for some benefit to Islam or the Muslims.

This is because the general rule regarding buying and selling is that it’s allowed, Allah says, “And Allāh has made selling permissible.” [Srah al-Baqarah, 2:275]

And the prophet used to buy things from the Jews.”

Ref: This fatwa was taken from a book called “Al-Fatawa Ash-Shar’iyyah fi Al-Qadhāyā Al-‘Asriyyah,” a collection of various rulings by Muhammad Ibn Fahd Al-Husayn – The Permanent Council for Research and Religious Verdicts (no. 21776, 12/25/1421 Hijrah)

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