An Islamic Perseptive On Protests & Demonstrations – Shaykh Al-Fawzaan

Shaykh Al-Fawzaan said, “There is no benefit in demonstrations it is just commotion. It is from the types of disorder. How will it cause harm to the enemy if the people go out and demonstrate in one of the streets, raising their voices.

Rather, this is from the things that will only make the enemy pleased and happy.

Thus he will say, this has harmed and hurt them.

So the enemy will rejoice. 

Islam is a religion of tranquility and calmness; it is a religion of knowledge. It is not a religion of clamor and commotion. It is a religion that strives to achieve tranquility and calmness, while at the same time, (encourages) doing deeds that are of benefit and praise, such as providing support for the Muslims, supplicating for them and providing them with money and weapons. This is praiseworthy and also (what is beneficial is) arguing on their behalf to the various countries about the oppression they (the oppresed Muslims) are in, be uplifted and requesting from these countries which claim to have democracy, that these Muslims be given their due rights. The humanitarian rights is what these people boast so much about.

However, according to them the only human is the disbeliever, whereas the Muslim in their eyes is not a human being he is a terrorist! They call the Muslims terrorists! And the human being that has (humanitarian) rights, to them, is the disbeliever! 

So the Muslims must follow and adhere to the methodology Islam has prescribed with regard to these occurrences and other situations. Islam did not come with demonstrations and shouting and raising the voices out loud. It did not prescribe destroying property or committing violations.

All of this is not part of Islaam. Yes.

Nor does this bring about any benefit. This only causes harm to the Muslims and it does not harm the enemy. This only harms the Muslims and it does not harm their enemy. In fact, their enemy rejoices at this and says (to himself), I have affected them, I have made them angry and I have influenced them.” Ref:

Also Shaykh Al-Fawzaan has said on this issue, ” “The Muslims must differentiate themselves (from the kuffar) by observing the etiquettes and manners of islaam and demonstrations are not among these manners.

Rather demanding our rights is to be done through lawful shariah means… demanding one’s rights is through lawful means.

As for demonstrations, then they are not from the guidance of Islaam. The Muslims, in the Muslims countries and outside of them, should differentiate themselves (from the kuffar) with the manners of Islaam, and not adopt the manners of the disbelievers (nor adopt) that which they do (from demonstrations/protests as this) is not from the manners of Islam.” Ref:

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