Demonstrations For Palestine And Offensive Jihad Palestine – Shaykh Mashoor Hasan

Shaykh Mashoor Hasan said, “These demonstrations and strikes (for Palestine) are not at all from Allaah’s legislation – no matter who accepts it or rejects it.

The ruling of the Legislation with regards to that which is happening in Palestine is to open the pathways to jihaad with the correct, established conditions of jihaad fulfilled – that the leaders enlist an army from the masses and take up preparation [for jihaad].They should provide safe passage to those lads and establish what they can.

This Legislation [the Islaamic Legislation] has superiority and sufficiency. There is no way that the Legislation could bring something that does not work for the benefit of the Muslims at any time, era or in any form or state.

By Allaah, if demonstrations and strikes were legislated, the Islaamic Shariyyah would have come with it. They would have come in the Book and Sunnah. Those who establish these acts know that they are not to be found [in the Book and Sunnah]. Sufficiency and superiority is in the [Islaamic] Legislation.

However, from the virtue of the Legislation is that it weighs up the high and low consequences for mankind in their living an in the Hereafter through its rulings and for their hereafter between those who can and those who cannot. ‘If I order you with something, do it as much as you can’ so if we cannot do something, and Allaah knows the truthfulness of our intentions, but do that which Allaah has made obligatory upon us and die, Allaah will not hold us to account.

However, the results of the these matters in the dunya are in the dunya and encompass all – might and honour, rather sustenance – the sustenance of this ummah, as is in the authentic hadeeth ‘And my sustenance has been placed under the shade of my spear.’

So our sustenance is through jihaad and sustenance is life. And our enemies do not crave anything from us except the good that is in our lands.

So the legislative cure is to aid the brothers with dua – all of us helping with that which they can.

We do not want rashness or stupidity, nor actions carried out by individuals who have no responsibility, that do not bear any fruit and lead the one who carried them out to unpleasant outcomes. We call all those who can to put something forth. We do not want to champion slogans and win positions – we want Shariyyah rulings.

And I am from those, by Allaah, who has prepared themselves . And Allaah knows that what I say – that if the door to jihaad were open now, I would be, by the permission of Allaah, from those who help our brothers. And I say, excusing myself to them, that I cannot do more than this. Either I can stand myself, but this is something I cannot do, nor is it something I accept for myself or other than me because those in authority are more aware of the intricacies of these matters.

What is obligatory upon them is to order the people to do this. This is what is obligatory upon them – if not, then the doors to jihaad will be closed by our actions and sin. This is what the Salaf as Saalih taught us – that we fight our enemies with our actions (as Abu Darda said).

These are the realities of the Legislation that we cannot be unmindful of – things that we say and repeat always – at times of difficulty and ease, at times of leisure and when being forced; in that which we like and that which we do not. Bitter as it is upon the soul but this is the Sunnah of Allaah, that does not change.

Helping to open the doors to jihaad is not in our hands, but in the hands of those in authority(1). If they open them, I would say it would be obligatory upon every Muslim able to carry arms to fall under the banner that they have opened for us.

But if they do not do this, then we seek closeness to Allaah, our lord and ask Him for soundness, establishment and guidance for all the Muslims; to give them success for every good; to guide their thoughts and distance evil from them.

This is what is obligatory upon us, and from the beauty of our religion, as I have mentioned, is that if you are ordered to do something, you do as much of it as possible and if our lord prohibits us from something, it is obligatory upon us to stay away from it.

And may peace and blessings be upon our prophet Muhammad and his family and followers.”



1)(My words – Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie) One of the conditions for offensive jihad need is that to establish it, the jihad needs to be behind a Muslim ruler or a Muslim caliph.

But sadly many muslim countries in our times in terms of having the correct aqeedah, unity within their country and sufficient preparation for jihad (military training, weapons etc) are not ready nor able to carry out offensive jihad against the Yahood army which is the five biggest in the world and has state of the art military weapons.

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