Words To Consider For Those Who Support Hamas Actions Of Missile Attacks On Jewish Civilians – Shaykh Muhammad Bin Umar Bazmool (Extremely Beneficial Footnote by Shaykh Albaanee)

Shaykh Muhammad Bin Umar Bazmool has said, “The truth is clear and beneficial, and falsehood divides and is not beneficial.

How can a shadow be straight if the twig is crooked!

They (Hamas) experienced before when they provoked the Jews, how they attacked Gaza and killed the innocent.

So why do they now provoke them again (by launching missiles at their civilian population)!??

2. When the Muslims cursed the deities of the Kuffar, the Kuffar cursed Allaah. So Allaah prohibited cursing the deities of the Kuffar. (Allah said,) “And insult not those whom they (disbelievers) worship besides Allaah, lest they insult Allah wrongfully without knowledge.” (An’aam: 108)

3. Also if you bomb them, they kill lots of Muslims (many hundreds and thousands of innocent Muslims), along with that if they bomb you, you cannot stop or prevent them (while they can prevent many of your rocket attacks due to their Iron Dome system).

Therefore, it is upon you to refrain from bombing them (bombing their civilians) provoking them, so they do not kill innocent people(1).

4. Knowing that they will provoke you, and knowing that they will kill Muslims, knowing that you have no capability against them, therefore, it seems as if you are the ones who want the Muslims to be killed!…”

Ref: Shaykh Muhammad Bin Umar Bazmool’s official twitter account dated: 20/07/2014 (words in brackets are mine – Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie)

Side Point (My words – Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie)

This article is not aimed at giving Israel an excuse for their barbaric inhumane actions towards the Palestinians in general and specifically those of Gaza.

It is not aimed at blaming the problems in Gaza all on Hamas as some may do.

The article is aimed at making those who support Hamas in their action of firing missiles at  Israeli civilians, think about wether this action of Hamas benefits or harms the Gaza population.

Also another thing to consider by those who support this Hamas action is; that many of the Yahoodi towns in range of Hamas rockets (and other groups in Gaza) are surrounded by the Israeli designed and American sponsored (sponsored to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars) Iron Dome system. This system allows the Yahoodi state to intercept many rockets fired from Gaza before they hit the towns they are aimed at.


1) Shaykh Albaanee once said while explaining to a Muslim man who thought the Palestinians could grab and kill a Jews to put fear in to the Yahoodis, “Over there (in Israel), my brother do you not see that when a (single) Jew is killed then in return a great number of Muslims are killed, have you not seen this!!?

Those killed from the Muslims are so many more!!?

…Imagine, if your situation continues like this, what will be the result? 

What will the Muslims be watching and witnessing!!? 

And the Palestinians, what will they be slaughtered for?

What will be the result? 

A Jew is killed and in return tens of Palestinians are killed, thousands imprisoned, what will be the result? 

Will this be a victory against the Jews? 

This is not the way, in reality the Muslims have now mistaken the way of Jihad.

Jihad begins with Jihad an-Nafs (Jihad of one’s own self) like the Messenger said, ‘The Mujahid is the one who makes Jihad against his desires for the sake of Allaah.’ (Collected by Ahmad, Tirmidhi and Ibn Hibban & Albaani declared its chain of narration to be good in ‘Silsilah Saheehah’ No. 1496) 

I am not talking about the hadeeth which is famous on the tongues of the people, ‘We have returned from the minor Jihad to the major Jihad.’ (Shaykh Albaani in ‘Silsilah Da’eefah’ No. 2460, declared it Munkar (a type of weak hadeeth). Al-Bayhaqi collected it in Kitab az-Zuhd and regarded its Isnaad as Da’eef)

This is a weak hadeeth, however the authentic hadeeth dispenses with the weak one which is the saying of the Messenger (alayhi as-Salat wa Salam), ‘The Mujahid is the one who makes Jihad against his own-self and his desires for the sake of Allaah.’”

Ref: Silsilah Huda wa Noor Tape 317

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