Gentleness In The Dawah Of Ahlus Sunnah Towards Those That Oppose Them – Shaykh Albaani

Shaykh Albaani said “…we (Ahlus-Sunnah) should, as I said in a previous sitting and which I repeat again [here], and there is benefit in repeating [such points]–in our dawah we should be gentle with those who oppose it and we should always and forever stand in line with His Saying, the Blessed and Most High:

“Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in a way that is best,” [Nahl 16:125] 

and the ones who have the most right for us to use [such] wisdom with them, are those who are the most severe in their conflict/disagreement with us in our doctrine and our aqidah. 

(This gentleness in our dawah is need) so that we do not bring together [both] the weightiness of the true call [itself which] Allah favoured us with and the burden of ill manners in calling to Allah.

So I hope that all of our brothers in all Islamic countries imitate these Islamic manners and seek, by doing so, Allaah’s Face (i.e., to do so sincerely) and not to want any reward or thanks (from the people).”

Ref: Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 900 via

Posted by Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie


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