The Link Between The Khawarij (ISIS, Al-Qaa’idah Ect) And The Turmoil In The Ummah – Shaykh Arafaat Muhammady 

Shaykh Arafaat Muhammady said, “…The Khawaarij assume different titles but the reality is that they are one. They call themselves an-Nusrah, al-Qaa’idah, DAA’ISH (ISIS) but the reality is that they are all one group – they are all Khawaarij. There are many texts which warn against them and in fact, command us to fight against them as is found in the hadeeth of Abu Sa’eed al-Khudree (radhiyAllahu ‘anhu) talking about Dhul Khuwaysirah, regarding whom the Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said that from his progeny will arise people who will recite the Qur’aan but it will not go past their throats and they will kill the people of Islaam but leave the people of idol worship. This is exactly the description of those people today; those who are nothing but Khawaarij and are killing women, children and blowing up cars in Syria, Yemen and Iraq. They are nothing other than the people described in this hadeeth – they are nothing other than Khawaarij.

Look to what is happening in the Islaamic lands and what the great fitan they have caused; look at the fitnah of murder that is taking place in which these Khawaarij have claimed the permissibility of shedding the blood of other Muslims. Look at the consequences of their actions – the disbelievers have now entered into the Muslim lands, claiming that they are going to destroy the Khawaarij and save innocent civilians. Part of the consequences of the actions of these Khawaarij is that there is no longer safety and security in the Muslim lands and the image of Islaam has been ruined in the world.

There are several Prophetic texts showing the evil of this group, describing them as leaving the Deen just as the arrow leaves the bow. It has also been narrated on the Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) that they are the dogs of the Hellfire and Abu Umaamah used to repeat this hadeeth that the Khawaarij are the dogs of the Hellfire and they are the worst killers that have ever been under the shade of the sky. He said this so much that the people began to question him asking: “Do you say this because of your own opinion or did you hear the Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) say this?” He said: “No, in fact I heard him say this not once, not twice, not three times, not four times (he went all the way up to ten times).” The Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said that if he reaches them he would kill them just as the people of ‘Aad were killed.

The Khawaarij of old and of present times are those who kill the Muslims, just as the case with Dhul Khuwaysirah who was the founding father of this ideology. They are those who rebel against the Muslim rulers. They first rebelled against the Prophet himself (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) (i.e. Dhul Khuwaysirah) then his followers rebelled, refused the leadership of ‘Uthmaan (radhiyAllahu ‘anhu) and murdered him. After ‘Uthmaan was murdered there were great trials and tribulations which overspread the entire Muslim nation and people’s blood was shed and these Khawaarij claimed the permissibility of shedding Muslim blood. Later, they murdered Ali (radhiyAllahu ‘anhu) during Salaatul Fajr and this was after Ibn ‘Abbaas debated with them. Due to him explaining the truth to them a great number abandoned their ideology and returned to the truth. However there were some who did not and they killed ‘Ali and they continued killing the Muslims.

In our times, what is called al-Qaa’idah are the forerunners in this ideology. Fifteen years ago they began gaining strength when Usaamah Ibn Laadin was nothing but a Khaarijee Takfeeri – he was a forerunner in promoting this evil ideology throughout the Ummah. He was affected when he went to Afghanistan and because he was wealthy, he used his wealth to mislead the youth and directed them to blowing themselves up. He was affected by the writings of Sayyid Qutb and the Surooriyyah who wear the cloak of Salafiyyah but are far from it. They convinced the youth that the scholars of Islaam are not trustworthy and that the Muslim rulers are traitors so they persuaded them to go out and fight against innocent Muslim civilians. Ibn Laadin, his followers and the other organizations that claim to be upon Jihaad – which are in reality Takfeeri organisations – have a deviant ideology and have misled the people by accusing righteous Muslims of being disbelievers. They have done nothing other than spread corruption in the earth and ruin the image of Islaam and part of the outcome of (all of) this is that the people calling to Islaam have faced hardship throughout the world because of their vile actions.

Those who belong to this sect all have a common denominator: they do not take knowledge from the scholars of Islaam; those who are recognized as being legitimate scholars. What they do is rely upon people like themselves – young men who have very little knowledge. This is what happened with the Khawaarij who went against ‘Uthmaan (radhiyAllahu ‘anhu). The scholars of that time (the Sahaabah) spoke disparagingly regarding them and this led them to not take knowledge from the legitimate scholars and thus deviate and go against their leader. Likewise is the case with those who went against ‘Ali. When Ibn ‘Abbaas went to debate with them he said that not one of the Sahaabah were with them and this proves that they were taking their own opinion and did not respect the opinion of the scholars.

This has been the case regarding many of the different fitan that has taken place throughout history. Those who instigated the fitan took the opinion of young individuals who are not firmly grounded in knowledge and left alone the senior scholars of those times. This was the fitnah of Ibn al-Ash’ath when Hasan al-Basree tried to advise them regarding their situation; likewise the fitnah of al-Qaa’idah, the fitnah of Juhaymaan and many of the fitan that has happened throughout the history of Islaam. Those who instigated the fitan rely upon the knowledge of young people who are not firmly grounded and they leave alone those senior scholars, and this is part of the danger of being impressed with one’s own knowledge. When one is amazed by himself, this is what leads him to go astray because he does not have respect for the opinions of others, especially when this person is a young man and he does not have respect for the knowledge of his elders.

We have seen that the common denominator with those killing and spreading corruption throughout the Ummah, past and present is that none of them return to the major scholars of their time.

Rather, they make independent judgements without ever checking their understanding with that of those who are truly scholars; those who are firmly grounded in knowledge and those whom Allah has made accepted and recognized as the authorities of Islaam by all people. And this is one of the signs of the Day of Judgement, that knowledge will be taken away and ignorance will be widespread.

Who is it that is giving the youth fataawa that this is permissible and that it is an act of worship in Islaam to go to ‘Iraaq and Shaam to fight!? Is it the scholars?! Is it those who are firmly grounded in knowledge!? No! It is young men, and not the elders who are firmly grounded in knowledge and recognized as scholars. Those giving these fataawa are misleading the people because they are using their own opinions and are not respecting the opinions of their elders. And this is one of the signs that the Day of Judgement is getting closer to us.

Because of these fataawaa issued, telling the people to go fight in these places – in which no legislated jihaad is taking place – there is much corruption and behind this are young men who have never truly sought or grounded themselves in knowledge or sat with the scholars. This is particularly dangerous when it comes to the issue of calamities effecting the ummah and this is part of what the Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said will take place at the end of time. That Allah will seize the knowledge and not that he would do so by taking it out of the chests of men but he would seize the knowledge by the death of the scholars and after that the people would take as their leaders ignorant ones and due to this they will lead others astray and they themselves will be led astray.

In our times, part of the protests that have taken place in the Muslim world is one of the signs/practices of the Khawaarij. They disobey their rulers, cause civil strife and encourage the masses to go against their leaders and cause chaos in the streets. Once the people rebelled against their government and went out into the street and started blowing up cars and causing chaos and the like, the Khawaarij took advantage of this situation in order to spread their deviant ideologies.

We are commanded to give naseehah (sincere advice) to our Muslim leaders and this is to be secretly, not out in the streets or by protesting. This is how our Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) taught us – to privately give naseehah to the Muslim leaders. Those who have entered into the Islaamic lands spreading corruption have failed to do this. They have taken to the streets instead of making it a personal affair…”


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