Is There A ‘Salafiyyah Qadeemah (Old Salafiyyah)’ And A ‘Salafiyyah Jadeedah (New/Neo Salafiyyah)’, Or Is There Just One Salafiyyah? – Shaykh Ahmad bin Yahyaa an-Najmee 

Shaykh Ahmad bin Yahyaa an-Najmee said, “There is only one Salafiyyah, the one who claims that there is an old (Salafiyyah) and new Salafiyyah (Neo-Salafiyyah) has lied.

If we contemplate over the aqeedah (Islamic beliefs) of the Salaf from the time of the sahaabah to our time today, we find it to be one aqeedah, never contradicting each other.

Even if they differed in the subsidiary legislations which are not from the fundamentals and beliefs, then surely they disagree in this (subsidiary legislations). Not one of them belittles the other.

This was the way of the sahaabaah, may Allaah the most high be pleased with them all.

As for the aqeedah (in the fundamentals of faith), then their manhaj (methodology) in this regard is one from the time of the Companions until now.”

Ref: al-Fataawah al-Jaleeyah ‘an al-Manaahij ad-Da’waiyyah

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