What Is The Difference Between A Sunni And A Salafi? Shaykh Ubayd Al-Jabiree (With A Footnote By Shaykh Mohammed Bazmool)

Shaykh Ubayd Al-Jabiree said, “Both of these terms (Sunni and Salafi) carry one and the same meaning (when Sunni is used with the correct meaning)* as they are the reference to the same thing.

These are the two terms for any individual whose actions are in accordance to the sunnah of the messenger of Allah and the salaf of this ummah, of the pious predecessors (Salaf us-Saalih), the earlier generations of this ummah;

(Which starts) from the messenger of Allaah, the companions, the tabaeen those who are the successors of the companions of the messenger of Allah (i.e. the companions students and the companions students students), like Ikrimah, Saeed Ibn Jubayr, Abu Aaliya, Muhammad Ibn Direen and others from among the righteous and pious early generation.

So these two terms (Sunni and Salafi), are the two terms which are synonymous for one and the same thing.”

Ref: http://playit.pk/watch?v=k8AV_FIGPag


* Shaykh Mohammed Bazmool said, “…Every Salafi is a Sunni and every Sunni is a Salafi most definitely, if we are using the word “Sunni” with its CORRECT MEANING (not the incorect meaning used commonly today: Sunni (incorrectly) meaning any Muslim who doesnt belong to a Shia sect whether Salafi or not)…Salafiyyah and Sunniyyah are the same thing, and thats (why) every Salafi is a Sunni and every Sunni is a Salafi…” Ref: Bakkah.net

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