Destroying The False Principle Of Muwazanah (Mentioning The Good Qualities Of The One Who Has Been Warned Against After Criticising Him) – Shaykh Uthaymeen

Shaykh Uthaymeen said, “Our saying regarding this (matter) is that when a person speaks about an individual in order to make an (overall) appraisal of him, so that he can evaluate him as they say, then it is necessary to mention both the good and the bad points. Subsequently, if the bad points overwhelm the good points then the person is amongst the people worthy of rebuke and censure. And if it is the opposite case, then he is from praiseworthy people. This is when you desire to evaluate a person (comprehensively).

However, when you desire to refute his innovation, then it is not absolutely desirable that you mention his good points. For mentioning the good points while refuting him only weakens and impairs the refutation. The reader or the one being addressed will say, “In that case, this (i.e. good) counters that (i.e. the bad), and all praise is due to Allaah.”

Hence, every situation requires a different type of speech. And therefore, evaluation and appraisal has its own circumstances and ruling and likewise refuting the falsehood has its own circumstances and ruling…” Ref:

Also Shaykh Uthaymeen said on this issue, “No, it is not good or befitting (to mention the good qualities of the individual a person is criticising). I have said (that) to you (before).

Since, if you mention his good points, the aspect of refuting his falsehood will become weak, and it is for this reason that we find the Scholars who refute the Ahlu Bidah and others do not mention their good points.

However, when you wish to appraise an individual, then it is necessary to mention both the good and the bad points, and then you see (i.e. what his condition is). This is the approach of the muhadditheen (scholars of hadeeth) in their books pertaining to narrators (i.e. their books on jarh wa tadeel (criticism and praise of hadeeth narrators)).” Ref: The Cassette, As’ilah as-Suwaidiyyah

Plus Shaykh Uthaymeen said on this matter in another cassette said, “I say to you (the man he is explaining the issue to), No! … No! … No! … This is an error (to mention a innovators good points when refuting him).

Listen to me O man! Listen O man!

When refuting it is not good that I mention the good points of the person (Iam refuting).

If I mention his good points while I am refuting him, this weakens my refutation of him…(Even if the person is upon the sunnah belonging to) Ahlu Sunnah or other than Ahlu Sunnah (belonging to Ahlu Bidah)… How can I refute him and then praise him. That is not intelligent.” Ref: Cassette “Al-As’ilat al-Irlandiyyah”

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