Excellent Words On The Terroist Organisation ISIS – Shaykh Abdul Mohsin Al-Abbaad

Shaykh Abdul Mohsin Al-Abbaad said, “In the name of Allaah, the Most Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy

All praise is for Allaah the Lord of the Worlds. May peace, salutations and blessings be upon His Worshipper and Messenger, Our Prophet Muhammad, his family, companions and those who follow them in goodness until the Day of Recompense.


A group has appeared recently in Iraq and Syria, calling themselves The Islamic State, and then The Islamic Caliphate. Now it has become known by Daaish (ISIS). These letters are an abbreviation for its supposed name: Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Some youth, especially young ones from the Land of the Two Haramayn, have been deceived by this misguided group. Such that they have been carried away by its screaming slogans, and thrown themselves into their arms.

Among the youth are those who did not join them and remained in their own countries, receiving instructions [from ISIS] and carrying out their criminal plans. Previously I have written an article entitled: The Calamity of the so-called “Caliphate of ISIS” in Iraq

It was broadcast on the 28th of Ramadhan, 1435h. I mentioned in this article that those youth who are falling prey to their screaming slogans, they look forward to departing this world by blowing themselves up and slaughtering others with daggers. I said,

“It is upon these youth who have fallen in line with this group, that they should rectify themselves, and come to their senses. None among them should think of joining [ISIS], lest their life be taken by explosive belts that they make them wear, or be slaughtered with knives, which is a distinctive feature of this group.

It is upon them to keep to the obedience of the state of Saudi Arabia that they have lived in, and their fathers and forefathers have lived in under its governance, in security and safety.”

A few short days ago, two young men helped ISIS by carrying out their criminal plot by blowing themselves up by detonating suicide belts inside two Masaajid in the Easter Region [of Saudi Arabia] at Jumu’ah on the 4th and 11th of this month. Due to this action, they killed themselves and killed a number of people praying. This despicably action is not only a crime, rather it is the epitome of a crime. The following clarifies why:

1. Killing an innocent person without a right is a crime and from the most severe major sins. This is made worse due to killing the person whilst he is performing the prayer.

2. It should be the case that anybody who is in a Masjid remains in complete comfort and tranquility, knowing he is safe from any harm or trouble. How severe is it then that this is surpassed and people praying in the Masjid are killed?!

3. If the Sharee’ah forbids the killing of monks in their monasteries, [1], then surely the prohibition is more severe when it comes to killing Muslims praying in Masaajid.

4. It is not permitted for a Muslim to kill himself in any case, whether it is by using an explosive belt or any other piece of equipment. This is due to the saying of Allaah (the High),

{Do not kill yourselves} [04:29]

5. The Sharee’ah forbids killing of children during a war. [2] Amongst the people killed by this explosion were young children.

6. This criminal action blocks people from the path of Allaah, it causes people to fear going to the Masjid in order to pray Jumu’ah prayer. Questions have even been put forth asking about the permissibility of delaying going to the Jumu’ah in order to remain safe from such criminal acts. It is not permitted to abandon going to the Masjid due to a fear which only rarely occurs.

7. This criminal action greatly harms Islaam and the Muslims. The plots that are executed for this misguided group, which terms itself The Islamic State – no good is hoped from it. No good can ever be expected from a supposed Islamic State whose criminal actions are like this.

8. Killing people who are praying is a crime wherever it occurs, in anyplace on the earth. However this action occurred in Saudi Arabia, which is governed by the Islamic Sharee’ah with its judges. It is the best of Islamic countries.

9. The supposed ISIS Caliphate does not only harm the youth who are deceived in to killing themselves and others by carrying out this harmful activities, instead the harm also reaches their families and disobedience to their parents.

10. Men resembling women, and women resembling men is Haraam due to the statement of Ibn Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with them both):

The Prophet (sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam) cursed men who seek to resemble women, and women who seek to resemble men. [3]

One of the two young men who carried out this crime was wearing women’s clothes.

I sincerely advise any young person who has been deceived into following the mirage of this misguided that they should take account of themselves. Stay with your families, far away from anything which will harm you in this World and the Hereafter.

I ask Allaah (the Majestic and Exalted) that He rectified the Muslim youth and gets them to the path of Islaam. I ask Allaah that he guides all the Muslims who to a good ending in the Dunya and Hereafter

I ask Allaah to guide this country – its government and people – to all goodness and protect them from all evil.

I ask Allaah to protect them from the evil of those who intend it and the plots of the criminals.

Indeed He is the All-Hearing, the One who responds.

May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.”


[1] Narrated by Ibn Abbaas; Collected by Ahmad

[2] Narrated by Ibn Umar; Collected by Muslim

[3] Narrated by Ibn Abbaas; Collected by al-Bukhaaree

Reference: al-abbaad.com

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