Decisive Words On ISIS Actions And So Called Scholars Who Issue Fatwas In Support Of Them And Call Upon The Muslim Youth To Join Them – Shaykh Saalih As-Suhaymee

Shaykh Saalih As-Suhaymee said, “All praises belong to Allah. These kind of actions which this gang [ISIS] carries out in the Muslim countries, whether it may be in the Kingdom [of Saudi Arabia and bombing mosques or public areas], Kuwait [bombing mosques], Tunisia [killing innocent non-Muslim tourist] or even in Europe, are actions which Islam does not approve. Islam does not approve them at all

When Allah sent the Prophet and the pressure became very severe on those who had embraced Islam, especially on Bilal, Suhaib, Khabbaab and Ammar, may Allah be pleased with all of them, the Prophet would tell them to remain patient and he would never say to anyone of them “Go and assassinate Abu Jahl or other than him from the heads of the Kuffar of Quraysh”, although they had the ability to do that. Ammar’s father, Yasir, was martyred and so was his mother when the open enemy to Allah, Abu Jahl, killed her in a very ugly manner. He thrust his spear in her private parts, may Allah curse him, until she died and was martyred. Isn’t this a tragedy? Is this a tragedy or not? It is a huge tragedy! Did the Prophet in the light of these events give the permission to anyone to go and bomb or assassinate someone? Wasn’t it possible for him to attack and kill Abu Jahl or attack a number from the leaders of Quraysh and kill them? However Allah has, when it comes to His creation, ways which have to be followed. Thus Jihad has its conditions and has its rulings. You may refer back to a complete lecture of mine in the Prophet’s Mosque about the rulings of Jihad, you’ll find it on the Mosque’s website, if Allah wills. 

And as for what these sick and foolish people carry out, those who ally with the disbelievers in secret and bomb in the Muslim countries in public. And currently these Daeshiyyoon (ISIS) are selling oil to Bashar who is slaughtering the Muslims, right now they are selling the oil of Raqqa to Bashar. Between them and Bashar are secret deals. They support one another in killing the people of Sunnah. And they similarly in Iraq cooperate with the disbelievers and the rest of the astray people upon the killing of the people of Sunnah. And the claim that they are Mujahidoon (warriors) is absolute nonsense which no Muslim approves and no mind can tolerate, and it is not upon the guidance of the Prophet.

So it is therefore upon the youth to understand their homework properly in the face of these disgraceful actions which are happening in our countries on sinful hands who have been granted indulgence by their Daeshiyyon (ISIS) in the same way that (Catholic) priests give indulgences to the sinners. It is exactly the same. He tells him… “Paradise lies in front of you” “Kill a policeman and you will enter Paradise” “Bomb such and such place and you will enter Paradise”!

They have granted them indulgences in a manner of that of the (Catholic) priests. And what is really bizarre is that their goal is not to raise high the Word of Allah. They always talk about the Houris (fair females of Paradise) only. The Houris are without a doubt from the pleasures of Paradise and a great bliss, however you won’t find anyone of them talking about raising high the Word of Allah. I met one of them as a part of counselling and I thought to myself, let’s start with them in a very gentle manner, so I said to him: “Are you married oh my brother?” He said: “Between me and my marriage were only a few moments but they prevented me from it, may Allah prevent them from (entering) paradise.” Ma shaa Allah! Moments… meaning after he has bombed himself. 

Furthermore he is bombing himself and it has been established in more than one hadeeth that the one who kills himself will be in the Hellfire. Whosoever kills himself will be in the Hellfire. 

(The Prophet said:) “Whosoever kills himself with a piece of iron (weapon) will be in the Hellfire and will be thrusting himself with it in on the Day of Judgement. Whosoever kills himself by (drinking) poison will be drinking it in the Hellfire. And whosoever kills himself by jumping off a mountain will be throwing himself down in the Hellfire on the Day of Judgement.”[1] 

Whosoever kills himself will be in the Hellfire. In addition to that, the Prophet did not pray (the funeral prayer) over the one who killed himself. It has been reported in an authentic Hadeeth that there was a very brave man who fought alongside the Messenger of Allah He would kill this one and injure that one and engage himself completely in killing the disbelievers. So one of the companions said: “Congratulations of Paradise for him.”

Upon which the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم, who does not speak of his own desire, said: “No, but rather he will be in the Hellfire.”

How glorified is Allah! How? How can he be in the Hellfire? A man who is slaughtering the disbelievers, striking down this one, injuring that one, heroically, throwing himself right into the middle of the battle, fighting like a hero and then the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم says about him that he is what? That he is in the Hellfire! How? One of the companions said: “I followed him to see what he is doing”, because he knew that the Prophet does not speak of his own desire. And all of a sudden when he (that man) was badly injured by inflicted wounds, he leaned on his sword until it came out of his back and killed himself. And he will be in the Hellfire as a consequence.

So whosoever bombs himself will be in the Hellfire. 

In addition to him killing and slaughtering Muslims and committing these dangerous crimes. And what is really sad, is that there are individuals who have recruited themselves as Muftis (i.e. so called scholars who support ISIS) whilst they are in reality liars (Muftaroon) because they issue fatwas (Islamic verdicts) without knowledge. They issue fatwas to these ones saying that if they were to do those things, then they would enter Paradise while they themselves stick their heads in the sand.

Those Muftis don’t go out themselves nor do they send their own sons. Yet they send our sons. They issue fatwas to our sons saying that it is an obligation to go out to the places of fitnah so that they get killed over there and in order to be slaughtered like sheep over there. And if they oppose the command of this tyrant who calls himself the Khalifah, then their fate is to be slaughtered. And even if he wants to go back to his parents, they slaughter him in the same way that the sheep is slaughtered. Is this from the religion of Allah? Is this from the religion of Allah, oh servants of Allah?!

The Messenger of Allah remained for fifteen years without calling to Jihad until the Muslims became strong. It was a valid Jihad which encompassed its conditions from which are:

1) that it is to be done purely for Allah alone,
2) the permission of the parents (if offensive jihad),
3) the permission of the ruler (if offensive jihad),
4) that it is under the banner of Tawheed,
5) that it is not under an unknown banner,
6) that it is more likely for the Muslims to have the upper hand,
7) that the Muslims have enough strength,
8) not to fight anyone from the mu’aahadeen[2] …and other rulings of Jihad!

So we therefore say to the youth: Fear Allah عز وجل and refer back to the scholars, the Rabbaniyyeen[3].

Don’t ask those who give fatwas while they themselves stick their heads in the sand like ostriches. These people are deceiving liars and if they were truthful they would go out themselves.

(The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said:) “Indeed what I fear for my Ummah are the Imaams who will mislead (the people).”[4] 

These ones here are the Imams who mislead the people who issue fatwas to our youth to go the places of fitnah under the pretext of Jihad.

So be aware of this danger! Everyone has to inspect his children and check their mobile phones and see what they are exchanging by way of deviated fatwas, filth, obscenity and call to depravity.

Be careful and check the mobile phones of your son and your daughter. And you, oh my believing sister, check your daughter’s mobile phone. Look to whom she’s listening to, who’s stuff she’s reading, what she is sending from her mobile phone and with whom she is exchanging text messages.

Be careful (oh people)! Wake up! Many of our children are bait for these barbarians, killers, criminals, Khawarij.

Be careful!

Be aware!

Oh my sons, oh youth, refer back to the major scholars who spent their whole lives in serving the Qur’an and the Sunnah and in serving the religion of Allah and who only issue fatwas after they have made sure that the fatwa is based upon a proof from the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم and in accordance to the methodology of the pious predecessors (As-Salaf-us-Salih).

If you see the Muftis who like to hide themselves then know that they are people of misguidance. Sufyan ibn ‘Uyaynah or maybe it was Ayyub As-Sikhtiyani said: “If you see the people holding secret counsel in their religion to the exclusion of the common folk then know that they are laying the foundation for falsehood.” 

So be careful and aware of this shameful behaviour!”


[1] Bukhari and Muslim, Hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him.

[2] Non-Muslims in a temporary covenant with Muslims

[3] Learned men of religion who practise what they know and also teach others

[4] Reported by Aboo Daawood (no. 4252) and At-Tirmidhee (no.2229) on the authority of Thawbaan, may Allah be pleased with him, and it has been declared Sahih by Al-Albaanee


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