Much Needed Scholarly Advice On Spreading Personal Issues Between Each Other On The Internet And Concerning Spreading Knowledge Based Refutations Publicly – Shaykh Mohammed Ibn Haadee

Shaykh Mohammed Ibn Haadee said, “…Is it not [the case] that when there occurs a [personal non-knowledge based] misunderstanding between two of the brothers [from Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamaah], some of them [other brothers from Ahlu Sunnah who support either one of the brothers involved in this personal matter] begin to write [on some Salafi websites or social media websites] about others [i.e. the other brother in the dispute and those brothers who take his side] and both[/all] of them are upon one way, upon one methodology and united with scholars [i.e. they take knowledge from the same Salafi scholars]! 

This method is not good. 

Hence, if you have an observation upon him, then [remember] this is your brother, present it to him.

As for exposing it on the internet, transmitting it over the internet, writing [about it] on the internet, then this is from the spreading of [personal] shortcomings which is not permissible.

On the other hand, [when it comes to] the knowledge, then this is another topic.

As far as refutations of an error [in a knowledge based issue] which people have deviated in, then this is another matter.

However, even [with] errors [in knowledge based affairs], there is from it that which is private and that which is public.

Thus, that which is private, it is not appropriate to spread it in the public [arena like it was common knowledge].

On the other hand in regards to that which is widely known and spread amongst the people and the talk of the town, then the refutation upon him [one who has publicly spread an error in a knowledge based issue], it is by way of circulation, dissemination [of] it and spreading [that which] is correct amongst the people, so the people are aware. This way the error will be corrected.

However, I am one who is concerned [and suggesting] with this speech; if there is something between you and your brother, then do not be hasty [with] the information, spreading it on these [Salafi] websites [or social media websites]! For indeed this is in opposition to the advice and this is the opposite manners, of which are a must for you to [employ] between you and your [Salafi] brother.

Hence, by this method you will open the door for the development of evil between you and your brothers.

Consequently, oh my beloved ones, brothers and sons, I hope you [all] understand this and convey it to those behind you from your brothers…Allah The Most High willing…This subject is a matter that corrupts many relationships between the brothers. And all of it is personal affairs. We ask Allah for safety and purity…”


Posted By Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie


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