O Salafiyyoon Learn How – The Salafi Scholars Refute Each Other But Remain Brothers With Mutual Love For Each Other – Shaykh Al-Fawzaan

Short Introduction To Main Article

My words (Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie) – Dear reader, may Allah bless you please read the below article by Shaykh Al-Fawzaan carefully and please read it while reflecting on thefollowing questions inshallah, jazakhallah khairan:

Do you know the manners of scholars regarding refuting each others errors?

Have you ever refuted another Salafis error?

Did you refute them and keep the beyond of brotherhood between yourselves?

Did you refute them keeping mutual love between you?

Did you refute them following the Salafi scholars manners of refuting each others errors or did you follow your own way refuting their error?

Main Article

Shaykh Al-Fawzaan said, “…If one from amongst them [the Salafi scholars] makes an error in an issue, we [the other Salafi scholars] make clear the truth in that issue with the evidence and this does not decrease our love for the one [the Salafi scholar(s)] who is refuted nor does it decrease his status.

Imam Malik -rahimahullaah- said: “There is no one from amongst us except that he will refute or be refuted, except the companion of this grave.”

Meaning the Messenger of Allah.

If we refute some of the people of knowledge and some of the people of virtue, this does not mean that we hate him or dispraise him, we only make clear what is correct. For this reason some of the scholars, when some of their colleagues made an error, said, “So and so is beloved to us, however the truth is more beloved to us than him.” This is the correct way.

Do not understand from this that to refute [i.e. for some Salafi scholars to refute] some of the [other Salafi] scholars in an issue where they have erred, means lowering them or having hatred for them.

Rather the scholars have not ceased refuting each other [from the time of the Salaf] and at the same time being brothers and having mutual love.

It is not allowed for us to take everything that an individual says unquestionably, whether he is correct or in error, because that is partisanship [even if he is a Salafi scholar]…”

Ref: Beneficial Answers To Questions On New Methodologies

Posted By Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie

Posted By Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie


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