Salafis Be Like Brothers To Each Other And Avoid Divison Between Yourselves – Shaykh Rabee

Shaykh Rabee said, “…Upon you [o Salafi] is to be brotherly in that which is between you, have cohesion [in your dawah], cooperate upon piety and righteousness, [be] distant from division and everything that leads to it. 

He who comes [to you] upon [the] dawah as-Salafiyyah and takes this methodology (manhaj), [should] stay away from every reason that will result in differing and division between the [Salafis].

Some people bring about causes of division, influence fitnah (trials and tribulations) and are distruptive to the Salafis, ripping them apart. This is not from the correct manhaj, nor from the manhaj of the one who is Salafi, neither is it from the manhaj of the sahaabah and the taabi’een (students of the sahaabah and the sahaabahs students, students); some of them seek means of division, they are not to be relied upon in the religion of Allah, they are not truthful in their claim of Salafiyyah and it is obligatory to shed light upon them [expose their ways by asking them things] like:

Why do you engage in the causes of division [between the Salafis]?

Or why do you split the Salafis?

The one who errs [the Salafi who errors], advise him with wisdom, kindness and gentleness.

Gentleness is not in a thing except that it beautifies it and it is not extracted from a thing except that it tarnishes it and shyness is not in a thing except that it garnishes (beautifies) it.

Indeed in the Messenger of Alah you have a good example.

And Allah mentions about him “And verily you are upon an exalted (standard of) character.”

Be one perfecting high moral standards. Noble character is a tremendous affair, may Allah bless you.

I advise you with noble character, so make these things the focus of your eyes: taqwa of Allah, sincerity [to Allah in all acts of worship], doing good towards the slaves of Allah, being brotherly in that which is between you, distanting [yourself] from every cause of division, patients [upon doing good, pateints upon avoiding evil and pateints upon the tests/trails of Allah], be compassionate [to your fellow Muslim], and advise [them] with wisdom and good exhortation and lastly call to the path of your Lord with wisdom and good exhortation.

[Do] not [call to the path of your Lord with] unfriendliness, harshness, abusing, cursing and [bad] depiction, as these are not from the guidance of the Salaf [as-Saalih – the righteous predecessors].

Upon you is mutual love for Allah, be on good terms and visit one another for Allah’s sake.

Allahs love is mandatory for those who love each other for his sake, those who assemble together for his sake and those who visit one another for his sake.

May Allah bless you and those who give generously for Allahs sake.

These are tremendous affairs that are a must and it is imperative that thessle affairs be carried out between the Salafis. Many of the people are negligent of these affairs and they are essental and a necessity [for good relations between Salafis].

By the one who my soul is in his hand [Allah], you will not enter paradise until you believe and you will not [truly] believe until you love each other [for Allahs sake]…

You do not [truly] believe until you love each other [for Allahs sake].

Understand this [advice o Salafis]…”


Posted by Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie


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