Concerning The Doubt That The Origin Of A Muslim Is Integrity, Sunnah And Salafiyyah – Shaykh Abdullaah Al-Bukhaaree

Shaykh Abdullaah Al-Bukhaaree said, “…We have spoken about this, [is the origin of the Muslim: ignorance or is he Salafi]?

And we say in summary: The origin of the Muslim is not that he is Salafi.  We say that the origin of the Muslim is that he is Muslim. Whosoever’s Islaam is affirmed with certainty, then it cannot be removed except with certainty. His description that he is Salafi is a description that is additional to Islaam.  For example, when you say that so and so is trustworthy, it is not possible for him to be trustworthy and to be a non-Muslim.

So it is inescapable that he be a Muslim, because it is only after those affairs that he can be trustworthy.

Therefore, trustworthiness is a description that is additional to Islaam.  And this requires knowledge and experience concerning one’s condition in order to describe him as being trustworthy. 

Likewise, describing someone as Salafi requires knowledge and experience with him and a commendation (tazkiyah) and the likes of that for it to be said that he is Salafi

This is a summary.

However, when we say that he is a Muslim, does this raise from him the sphere of ignorance?  No, he is Muslim, but he is ignorant and unknown.

So here, the speech concerning him is not to revile him, but it is because his trustworthiness and his description with Salafiyyah has not been ascertained.

Many of them revolve around this: The origin concerning the Muslims is that they are Ahlu Sunnah, or the origin concerning the Muslims is that they are trustworthy. Such are the principles that they formulate concerning the Muslims, principles that have no halter and no rein.  After research, we do not find that the Scholars behave in such a manner. 

Why do they take Imam Ibn Hibbaan (d.354H) – rahimahullaah – and describe him as mutasaahil (lenient) in the issue of ta’deel (praise)?  Because the basic principle according to him was that the origin of the Muslim, about whom no jarh (criticism) is confirmed, is al-’adl (trustworthiness). He is trustworthy.  And due to this, they said that Ibn Hibbaan was lenient and his lenience is well known; this is an established principle…” Ref:

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