How To Deal With A Caller To Innovation Who Recently Left Bidah (Innovation) – Shaykh Mohammed Al-Anjaaree

Shaykh Mohammed Al-Anjaaree said, “That regarding the person who repents and returns from his bidah (innovation) even after he repents and returns from his bidah he is not pushed to the forefront.

He is not pushed to the forefront of our dawah [straight away to the point] where he goes and he is someone who is speaking and giving lectures and things like this.

He is not pushed to the forefront of the dawah; rather he needs to sit in the back and it needs to be clarified and established that he has truly repented from his bidah.

So a person doesn’t become hasty and push him to the forefront [immediately] and say that “He repented yesterday and today we push him to the forefront.” No! 

…This is not the way of Ahlu Sunnah…

What affirms this meaning is what the scholard like Shaykh Al-Islaam Ibn Tamiyyah (d. 728H, rahimahullaah) and others have said regarding the issue of Abul-Hasan al Ash’aree (rahimahullaah) in his book “Al-Ibaanah,” how he repented from his bidah, returned from his [incorrect] opinion, but the scholars never pushed him to the forefront [straight away, as soon as he repented].
He wrote his book “Al-Ibaanah” [which clarified his creed was upon the way if Ahlu Sunnah and he rebuked his old incorrect creed], h died, he repented and that was it; he was never pushed to the front of this dawah.” Ref: Summary of Shaykh Al-Anjaaree’s statement, via SalafiTalk.Net

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