Advice To The Salafis And Expectations From Them – Shaykh Rabee

Shaykh Rabee said, “In the Name of Allaah, the All-Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy…

The praise is for Allaah, and may the Salaah and Salaam be upon the Messenger of Allaah, and upon all his family members and companions, and upon those who follow his guidance.  To proceed: 

Verily I turn my hopes to all the Salafees in every place, that they will: 

(1) traverse the way of the Salafus-Saalih in spreading harmony and mutual love,

(2) leave off name-calling,

(3) stay away from things that lead to differing,

(4) respect and honor the people of knowledge and the callers to Ad-Da’watus-Salafiyyah,

(5) gather around them and return to them in times of confusion,

(6) withhold their tongues from speaking against our brothers, and…the scholars of the Salafee manhaj,

7) And I request from the websites that ascribe to the Salafee Manhaj to know the the rights of the scholars and their positions, and to stay away from insullting them…

May Allaah grant everyone success in that which He is pleased with.”

Ref: and (Iam not sure if the above article is still on Sahab)

Posted by Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie


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