When The Salafi Scholars Differ Over Individuals, Taking The Stance Of Shaykh Rabee (In Particularly Or Any Other Well Known Scholar) Does Not Automatically Mean Your Correct Because Shaykh Rabee (Or Any Other Scholar) Is With You – Shaykh Abu Amr Abdul Kareem Al-Hajooree (Footnote By Shaykh Abdul Hameed Al-Hajooree)

Shaykh Abu Amr Abdul Kareem Al-Hajooree said, “…Be he (Shaykh Rabee)…with you in what is apparent from his actions or in that which he straightforwardly utters upon his tongue, we do not worship Allah, glorified and exalted is He, with the statement of anyone, except the Messenger of Allah and the understanding of the Salaf.

Shaykh Rabee is a human being; he is correct sometimes and errs sometimes(1) and is not infallible, therefore regardless of whether he is with you or against you it is the proof that is considered, it is the Truth that is considered…The claim that ‘so and so is with you’ and ‘so and so is against you’, it is the proof that is considered.

Allah, glorified and exalted is He says, “Follow what has been sent down unto you from your Lord (the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah), and follow not any Auliya’ (protectors and helpers who order you to associate partners in worship with Allah), besides Him (Allah).” (Surah A’raaf:3)

Whether he be a scholar or an Imaam or whoever he may be, the truth is that which is considered, and that which is considered is that one shows importance to being upright upon the legislation of Allah…” Ref: aloloom.net


1. Shaykh Abdul Hameed Al-Hajooree said, “…Shaykh Rabee, may Allah preserve him and grant him success, is an Scholar from the Scholars of the Sunnah, however regardless of this just as our Shaykh Muqbil, and just as he (Shaykh Rabee’) said about his own self, and just as we all believe concerning other than the prophet, that he is sometimes correct and sometimes erroneous, sometimes he knows and sometimes he does not know and so on, i.e. there is not one from the scholars or the students of knowledge except that he is sometimes correct and sometimes erroneous and sometimes he knows and sometimes he does not know…” Ref: Part of a question put Shaykh Abdul-Hameed Al-Hajooree on aloloom.net.

Side Point (By me -Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie)

This article is not an attack on Shaykh Rabee (who is a senior Salafi scholar) nor is it seeking to lower his status.

Rather this article’s purpose is to address the blindfollowing and fanaticism towards Shaykh Rabees refutations and tabdees (of some he himself once classed as Salafi mashaykh or a Salafi organisation), shown by some brothers.

Posted By Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie


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