Differentiating Between The Mistakes Of The Scholars Of Ahlu Sunnah And The Errors Of The Scholars Of Ahlu Bidah – Shaykh Ibraheem Ar-Ruhaylee

Shaykh Ibraheem Ar-Ruhaylee said, “The people of innovation who have opposed Ahlus Sunnah and their manhaj when it comes to textual deduction, education, teaching and calling to Allah, follow their desires and do not establish their knowledge [and principles] by following the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah, rather they belittle and slander them and consider themselves to be more virtuous than them. These are the true Ahlu of Bidah (innovation) and deviance.

It is mandatory that we combat them by drawing the peoples attention to their evil path, deviance from the Sunnah, to refute their misconceptions, and to deal with them like it is appropriate for the people of innovation to be dealt with in all circumstances.

But this does not prevent them from being invited to the truth and for the scholars to debate with them in ways that are excellent, if this will be more effective in their return to the sunnah.

It is imperative though, not to confuse [them with] the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah and how their [themail scholars of Ahlus Sunnah] mistakes should be dealt with…

The scholars of Ahlul Bidah, those whom it is obligatory to separate from, boycott and warn against…

The mistakes of the scholars from Ahlus Sunnah are based upon their Ijtihaad (researching through the Quran and Sunnah) in seeking the truth along with following the correct methodology and etiquettes when it comes to textual deductions, as opposed to the mistakes of Ahlu Bidah which are founded upon and a result of following of desires and abandoning the correct methodology and etiquettes when it comes to textual deductions and extractions.

The distinction between the two has to be defined.

This is the sole contrast and distinction between Ahlus Sunnah and Ahlu Bidah, and by this, it will become clear to the intellectual one, why some of the Imams from Ahlus Sunnah who have erred by agreeing with some of the opinions of the People of Bidah in a few specific issues, were not considered to be innovators.”

Ref: Advice to the Youth of Ahlus Sunnah By Shaykh Ibraheem Ar-Ruhaylee

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