Is A Person Upon The Sunnah Boycotted If He Makes A Mistake In An Issue Or Is He To Be Advised Before Boycotting Is Even Considered? – Shaykh Ahmed An-Najmee, Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Wahhab Al-Banna And Shaykh Ubayd Al-Jaabiree

Shaykh Ahmed An-Najmee said, “It is a must to give advice if one of the Salafis makes a mistake, he is advised and is reminded of his mistake.

If he is stubborn upon his mistake, then the advice is repeated to him [and if after that he is still stubborn upon his mistake] then he is warned against.”

Also Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Wahhab Al-Banna said many years ago when asked:

“Some brothers are calling for the boycott of another Salafi due to the later having errors [so should I boycott him]?”

He [Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Wahhab Al-Banna] said, “Is this how we are?

Rather advise the one who has erred and try to help him keep away from his mistakes and do not leave him (i.e. boycott him) unless you see that he turns away from the advice showing pride and arrogance.”

Furthermore Shaykh Ubayd Al-Jaabiree said (in his tape ‘The differentiation between treating Ahlus Sunnah and Ahlul Bidah’), “Due to the lack of understanding of some who have not understood the affairs in this [issue] due to their lack of knowledge and not taking knowledge from the scholars is that if you try and help the one erred with advice you are accused of having compromised the fundamentals of this religion!..

[Also he said many times in that tape] even if a [Salafi] scholar makes a mistake then we refute the mistake and the honour of the scholar is kept, likewise the honour of Ahlu Sunnah is kept and the mistake is refuted.

As for Ahlul Bidah then there is no honour for them.

However, there maybe times when one has to use wisdom depending upon whether Ahlus Sunnah have strength [are the majority in that location or are in power/authority in that place] or whether they are few [and not in power/authority].

…There is a difference between compromising ones fundamentals [i.e. ones Salafiyyah] and upholding advice [and] seeking guidance for the people which is the way of the people of knowledge…”


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