O Muslims Do Not Have Fanatical Bigotry Towards A Scholar Or Student Of Knowledge – Shaykh Albani

Shaykh Albani said, “…It is fitting that we remember that we cannot claim infallibility for any caller or any scholar and nor is it possible for us to claim that he is free from following his own desires even if only in one issue–for this reason, do not, O Muslim, tie your fate to an individual from the scholars or an individual from the callers, and this is for two reasons:

The first is that it is unequivocally guaranteed that everyone apart from the Prophet will make mistakes.

Secondly that it is possible that he [i.e., the scholar or caller] may have come to know the truth but [instead] followed his desires and so gave a verdict in opposition to the truth and knowledge that he knows.

For this reason it is not allowed for the general Muslims to be fanatical/bigoted for one caller [daa’i] against another, rather the situation is as He, the Most High, said in the Noble Quraan and with this statement I will end the answer to this question, “… and be with those who are true …” [Tawbah 9:119]

Just as we say regarding the four Imams, that we do not show fanaticism for one of them but rather take the truth from each of them, and the truth was spread out amongst them [i.e., not one of them had a monopoly on it], likewise it is fitting that everyone who attributes himself to following the Salaf as-Saalih (the righteous predecessors) does not become a ‘Zaidi’ or an ‘Umari’ [i.e., does not become someone following someone called Zaid or Umar] but he should rather take the truth wherever he finds it and whoever it comes from.

This is how it is fitting for the general masses of Muslims to be.

We ask Allaah for guidance for us and [all] the generality of Muslims, and all praise is for Allaah, the Lord of the Worlds.” Ref: Al-Hudaa wan-Noor, 799.


About Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie

I am a revert trying to spread the sunnah inshallah.
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