Words Needed To Be Read And Understood By Salafis – Shaykh Abdul Kareem Al-Khudayr

Shaykh Abdul Kareem Al-Khudayr said, “This discord [between some Salafis] and stirring up between those who follow the same aqeedah [and manhaj], is one of the reasons which causes the boycotting [from one Salafi towards another Salafi]. This has even caused resentment and hatred between the good people [upon the Sunnah].

This is something which pleases the shaytaan, because he has given up hope to be worshiped in the Arabian Peninsula.

Experience and reality testify to [the fact] that the one who is continually busy with other people [and trying to pass rulings upon them and follow others errors], while being heedless of his own shortcomings and imperfection in knowledge and actions; will be denied knowledge and actions.

Some people love this! You will see that he encounters his [Salafi] brother and will look at him with an unfriendly face, in a way he would not even look at his worst enemies! This while he differs with him regarding something not worth mentioning. Some of these matters are based on suspicions and misunderstandings and some on gossip and slander which are passed on.

We ask Allah for safety and wellbeing! A persons chest must be wide.

However, when we encounter a person of innovation and we fear that his innovation will affect others, then we must warn against him in proportion to the necessity [of limiting his harm to others]. Warning however, must not occur in order to take revenge on his honour.

In a narration it is mentioned, “That the postponing of payment by a rich (person) is injustice.”

Regarding such a person it is permissible to speak about his honour and to punish him. The scholars say its only permissible to say: “He postpones my payments.”

However, one may not say: “The evil one (al-Khabeeth).”

[Allah said], “Allah does not like that the evil should be uttered in public except by him who has been wronged.” [Surah An-Nisa’ 4:148]

One should therefore speak according to [the severity] of the injustice. Because when someone adds something to the injustice, then he has himself become a wrongdoer.

It is therefore up to the student of knowledge to take care of himself. He must protect the rewards which he has gathered. So that on the Day of Resurrection he will not be from those who are bankrupt and of those who did much effort in this world for his actions, only for them to turn against him. 

[Allah said], “…and there will become apparent to them from Allah, what they had not been reckoning.” [Surah az-Zumar 39:47]

He thinks that it is on his scale of good deeds, while it is in reality the other way around. It is therefore up to a person to beware and to protect his receivings of rewards. He must strive towards the attainment of rewards. May Allah help us!”

Ref: shkhudheir.com

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