A Summarised Look At The Background Of ISIS And Look At Their Incorrect Beliefs And Corrupt Goals – Shaykh Faysal Bin Qazzaar

Shaykh Faysal Bin Qazzaar wrote:

Background Of ISIS

All extremist groups have founded their beliefs and targets based on the teachings of Sayyid Imaam ‘Abdul-‘Azeez who is also known as Dr. Fadal.

The call was to bring an uprising by using violence under the name of Islaamic Jihaad. They recognised that this could only be accomplished by adopting a method of making Takfeer of the masses and their rulers. The objective was to establish an Islaamic state through the means of revoution and violence.

An evolution of this revolution sprung up in the 1960’s of this ideology and was spreaheaded by two inspriational figureheads: Aboo ‘Alaa al-Mawdoodee (Pakistan) and Sayyid Qutb (Egypt). Nowadays, all branches of extremist groups all lead back to the ideologies and teachings of these two radicals.

Arguably, the differences between the approaches of these two deviant callers and the foundations of Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen (the political party also known as the Islamic Brotherhood based in Egypt) was that their leader, Hasan al-Banna, didn’t adopt a violent approach, whilst these two were deemed as being extreme even within their communion because their call to adopt violent means to topple legitimate Muslim governments.

A Summary Of The [Incorrect] Beliefs And [Corrupt] Goals Of ISIS

[Majority if not all of the following section in terms of the beliefs of ISIS could apply to all (or the majority) of Muslim extremist groups, those who physically fight and those who do not physically fight but adopt and promote much of the incorrect beliefs of groups such as ISIS, Al Qaedah, Boko Haram and many others.]

Both al-Qaedah and ISIS are extremist groups that share the same ideology and targets. From them include the following:

-All Muslim rulers are Kuffaar. This stems directly from the teachings of al-Mawdoodee and Qutb.

-All forms of ruling by other than the Sharee’ah is Kufr, irrespective of whether the ruler has made Istihlaal or not (i.e. regardless of whether the ruler believes in replacing the Sharee’ah or not. Sunni scholars affirm that replacing the Sharee’ah constitutes Kufr, otherwise it may not, however ISIS don’t make this differentiation).

-There is no difference between Kufr that is agreed upon and Kufr that the scholars have differed upon. All acts of Kufr are interpretated as being Kufr, without any excuse of Ijtihaad or ignorance.

-There is no difference between Mu’aawanah (cooperating, even if it is for a legitimate Islaamic reason), Mudaahanah (making treaties for the benefit of Islaam and the Muslims) and Ta’aaluf (softness) with the Kuffaar – all of it is Kufr.

-There is no differences between Istihlaal or weakness of sins (refer to point 2).

-The Tawaagheet (pl. Taaghoot: something obeyed besides Allaah) of the living are worse than the Tawaagheet of the deceased. Meaning, the Kufr of the rulers is far worse than grave worship.

They have even coined a phrase in relation to this:

“The Shirk of the palaces (Qusoor) is worse than the Shirk of the graves (Quboor).”

-Making Jihaad against the rulers is Fard al-‘Ayn (an obligation) upon every single Muslim.

-Ijtihaad that dictates Jihaad not being present or Fatwaas issued restricting the conditions of Jihaad, is Ijtihaad that is void and unacceptable.

-Jihaad against the rulers takes precedence against the Kuffaar Uslee, because we need to defend the Muslim lands, establish a state, and remove apostasy as Riddah is worse than Kufr Uslee.

-Scholars, ministers, soldiers, police officers and all government workers are also Kuffaar by association of their governments. Sunni scholars have conditions for declaring others as leaving the fold of al-Islaam known as ad-Dawaabit at-Takfeer. From them is that the mistake must be clarified before placing a ruling on people.

All of the above falls under the innivated terminology of at-Tawheed al-Haakimiyyah

-The Muslim Ummah today is like the time of Aboo Bakr. Aboo Bakr was faced by tribes that became apostates and they view that their cult as being like the city of al-Madeenah; a place for the Muslims and anything besides this are cities and countries which have become apostates from al-Islaam and are destined to the fire.

Based on this, the whole world is Daar al-Kufr (possibly Daar al-Harb) including Makkah and al-Madeenah.

-The average Muslim falls under four: Kaafir (disbeliever), Murtad (apostate), Mastoor Haal or Majhool al-Haal.

Haal: meaning, they appear to be Muslim but their beliefs/allegiance are uncertain.

Majhool al-Haal: meaning, this person is not a Muslim in his appearance and it is not apparent by his action. It is permissible to kill such a person and take his wealth.

Note: All of these categorizations and innovated principles have only been introduced into the religion to justify killing innocent people and permit mass murder.

-There is no such thing as treaty or excuses, anybody that does not hear and obey the Caliph or uphold to the body of the Muslims, then they are eligible to be fought and killed.

Thus they believe legitimate leadership only belongs to them and if anyone disagrees must be killed as apostates.

-Lying, deceiving and treachery are allowed as its part of war. Therefore its allowed to hide ones beliefs in order to infiltrate and create splinter cells.

This clearly contradicts the conditions of Jihaad, of them, having an Imaam and fighting on the battle field alone.

-All rulers are either Kuffar, apostates or hypocrites, as well as all their citizens. They issued a verdict stating that merely holding a visa or a nationality makes one Kaafir by association. Some of their quotes even state one is a Kaafir even by raising a flag.

-The scholars are hypocrites and their Fatwaa is null and void.

-Major sins takes one out of al-Islaam. Interest, fornication, bribery and not giving allegiance to the Caliph are all acts of apostasy.

-Women, children and the elderly are all fair game and their intentions are not questioned.

-Non-Muslims are subject to war also, irrespective if they are a Dhimmee (a non-Muslim citizen in an Islaamic country), Musta’man (a person who has been granted security by a Muslim country), Mu’aahad (a person who has a treaty with a Muslim country), and killing them in greater number is more virtuous.

-Possessing citizenship shows one is pleased with Kufr. Thus his wealth, honour and blood are permissible and are deemed as apostates as they have chosen to mix and live with the Kuffaar.

-Possessing a visa is not an trust (Amaanah); if it is then we are allowed to take it with deception and not uphold it’s conditions – with the purpose to kill and massacre.

Ref: Usool al-Fikriyyah li Tantheemay Daa’esh wa al-Qaa’idah via ahledhikr.blogspot.co.uk

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