The Evils And Harms Of Terrorist Acts – Shaykh Alee Al-Hadaadee

Shaykh Alee Al-Hadaadee said, “…O my brothers, these types of activities [terrorist attacks by Muslims] will result in many evils and harmful effects.

1] The first of them; that transgressing against a person without any due right and taking a life without any right is a great crime.

The prophet said, “A Muslim person will not cease to be clearly and correctly upon his religion as long as they do not spill blood which is impermissible for them.”

2] The second affair; that these types of activities enforce the breaking of a contract. For example the Muslim who has entered into Britain [France, America, China, India etc or any western or eastern country anywhere in the world], he has made an agreement and a promise that he will preserve the security and the safety in that land and that he will not transgress against anyone without due cause.

So these filthy activities of terrorism involve breaking a contract and an agreement one has made.

Allaah said in His Noble book, “O you who believe, fulfil your covenants”

In addition Allaah said, “Fulfil the covenant of Allaah”

Also the Messenger of Allaah, Muhammad warned against treachery and deception. The messenger of Allaah said, “That the one who breaks his covenant or contract and is deceitful that Allaah, the most High, will expose him upon the Day of Judgement and Allaah will make him known on the Day of Judgement amongst all of the creation, that he was deceitful.”

3] The third issue; that these types of crimes involve great oppression and oppression is from the greatest of all sins.

In the authentic collections of al-Bukhari and Muslim, the Prophet said, “Oppression is darkness on the Day of Judgement.”

In the authentic collection of Muslim, the Prophet Muhammad said, “Allaah, the Most High, said, ‘O my servants, I have made oppression upon myself something impermissible and I have made it impermissible for you to oppress one another. So do not oppress one another (meaning that some of you should not oppress others).’”

Our religion of Islam prohibits transgression and oppression. It prohibits oppression even if this transgression is against someone that we hate. It is still impermissible. We have to be just when dealing with everyone.

Allaah, the Most High, said, “And do not let the hatred of a people cause you not to be just. Be just, because it is closer to piety.”

The meaning of this noble verse: If you and another individual hate one another, it is still not permissible to oppress him or transgress against him. Furthermore it is not permissible to oppress him; rather it is obligatory that you deal with him justly. It is obligatory upon an individual to still fulfil their covenant or contract that he has with them, even if you hate them.

4] The fourth affair; that these types of crimes and activities distort the true image of Islam. So this is in reality oppression. Oppression to Islam and the Muslims, because the people now, at this point, if it is said to them that these bombings are from Islaam, then it will result in the people hating Islam. And they will hate the Muslims. They will run away from Islam and they will have a feeling towards Islam of enmity and rancour. Likewise these crimes involve lying upon Allaah and lying upon the messenger.

It is obligatory upon the Muslims, all of them, that they honour their agreements, and they honour their contracts, and that they speak truthfully when they speak. The true Muslim is not treacherous, and he is not deceitful, and he does not lie, and he does not oppress. This is what Islam teaches and this is something this is clear from the religion.

As for those activities such as bombing and what is similar, they distort the true religion of Islam and they ascribe to Islam which in reality is not from it. Because verily the true Muslims, those who understand the reality of the religion of Islam, in every place, they hate and reject and they criticise these criminal acts and they warn against them.

Plus they warn against those people who call to these acts.

In addition the Muslims in every place feel sorry and sad when they hear about the affairs of these criminal activities no matter where they occur or happen upon the earth. Whether it takes place in the Muslim world or whether it takes place in other than the Muslim world.

Also our scholars have clarified and clearly explained, with clear clarifications which are strong and emphatic, that these types of acts are not from Islam…” Ref:

Posted by Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie


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