ISIS Are Not Salafi – Shaykh Mashoor Hasan

Shaykh Mashoor Hasan said, “…ISIS is at open war against the Salafi dawah.

ISIS fought, slaughtered and killed some of our senior [Salafi] brothers in Mosul and in the region of Salahudeen, so I do not know where such words emanate from.

ISIS make takfeer of our Shaykhs, so what is their [ISIS’] position towards those [Salafi] imams?

Either they praise them and take [knowledge] from them [the Salafi scholars] in which case we judge them according to their usool [i.e. that of the Salafi scholars].

Or they [ISIS] free themselves from them, until rhen how can we ascribe them to this da’wah [Salafiyyah].

What are the criteria to ascribe them then to this da’wah?

ISIS is an invented movement with a political role which is dangerous to the utmost, and it does not do anything to rid the lands of the Two Holy Sanctuaries [Saudi Arabia] from the Rafidah, so I don’t know how it can claim tI represent the “Sunnah”.

ISIS is a political movement and not a religious one, let alone it being a “Salafi” movement. This is heedlessness, an error and a grave mistake [to assert that ISIS is Salafi], ISIS is purely a political movement founded and born within obscure circumstances due to reasons which are clear.

The head of ISIS is unknown and no one knows him, a large and expansive “state” and it has no trustworthy Islamic reference points? Young in age and foolish-minded, who issues their fatwa?

Who are their scholars?

Where are those who acknowledge them?

They [ISIS] say that all of the armies of the Muslim countries are apostates and that whoever works with the government system of Muslim countries in the capacity of the army or security are disbelievers and apostates!
Who agrees with them in such a fatwa?

Who issues such a fatwa?

Who from the scholars of the Salafi dawah says this?

The scholars of the Salafi dawah inculcated within us that we are to be cowards when it comes to shedding blood and making takfeer (declaring a Muslim to be a disbeliever).

These are the words of Imam Ahmed. Imam Ahmed used to say, “I am a coward in regards to matters related to blood [life and taking it].”

ISIS do not kill, they slaughter via the hand, killing people like sheep and their take delight in this – how can this be the Salafi dawah?!

[To say that ISIS are Salafi] is a lie and falsification, however the one who has wrath and animosity in his heart against the Salafis will try to get the leaders in authority to rally against Salafis via ascribing ISIS to them [Salafis]. Allah’s refuge is sought.”


Posted by Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie


About Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie

I am a revert trying to spread the sunnah inshallah.
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