Rebuttal Of ISIS – Shaykh Sa’d Bin Nasir Ash-Shathree

Shaykh Sa’d Bin Nasir Ash-Shathree said, “This organization does not portray Islam, neither do they operate in an Islamic manner. Anyone who looks at their foundations, its history and their leaders will clearly find that it’s very basis has no Islamic origin[1]. Anyone who researches the statements of the scholars of Islam and the position towards this organization would not find any one of them supporting them or their actions. None of them have condoned their very existence or the actions they carry in the name of Islam.

Its origins and their objectives have no relation to the religion of Islam or its laws. Likewise, if one was to look at the way they behave, they would find that their actions clearly contradict the teachings of Islam. If one was to look at ISIS from any angle possible, they would find that there is nothing that conforms with the Shariah (Islamic law).

Rather in every aspect they have contradicted the teachings of Islam. This organization is full of lies and forgery and using Islamic terminologies with an improper definition, thus the true Islamic approach would be to condemn this group and convey Islam’s innocence for what they carry out in its name.

Furthermore, the killing of innocent people is not found in the teachings of Islam and it certainly doesn’t represent the beliefs of the Muslims living in the west or in any part of the world. Anyone who wants to know the reality of these attacks must investigate honestly as to why these attacks took place. ISIS has claimed they are taking revenge for France’s foreign policies and involvement in the Middle East however the laws of Islam are never built on retaliation or revenge. The religion of Islam is built on Islamic text and not on agendas or reciprocation.”


1. The Shaykh previously presented a research into the history of ISIS and found that it was funded and inaugurated by communist Baathists.


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