Terrorist Actions Do Not Benefit The Muslims – Shaykh Al-Fawzaan

All these [hijacking planes, blowing up structures, carrying out acts of rebellion, seeking to overthrow the rulers/governments and acts of insurgence and revolution] are despicable actions that Islam has forbidden. They harm Muslims and non-Muslims may use them as support and justification for attacking and conquering the Muslims. This is exactly what non-Muslims use to criticize and blame Islam for, describing it as a religion of terrorism and they do this only as a result of these incidents [terrorist attacks].

Allah has instructed that when at war with non-Muslims, they are only to be fought for a purpose [i.e. only those non-Muslims actually fighting in the war against the Muslims are fought and those offering them strategic, logistical, direct financial or tactical support are also fought even if they don’t actually physical fight in the war, all other non-Muslims are considered civilians and are not fought as there is no purpose or Islamic justification for that]. Plus [when the non-Muslims are fought this should be] under support of all the Muslims and their leaders.

As for the issue of bombings, destruction and plane hijackings, this is all forbidden in Islam because these crimes cause harm to the Muslims first and foremost before anyone else and because they produce no benefit whatsoever.” Ref: cassette: Mu’amalah al-Kuffar.

Posted by Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie


About Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie

I am a revert trying to spread the sunnah inshallah.
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