The Reality Of ISIS – Shaykh Badr Al-Badr Al-Anazi

Shaykh Badr Al-Badr Al-Anazi said, “Daesh (in Arabic) are the initials for ‘Dawla al-Iraq wa Shaam al-Islaami. [Islamic state of Iraq and Shaam (Syria, Jordan and Palestine) and in English termed as ISIS]

○ They do not know anything of Islaam except for the word ‘Islaam’, they are the most ignorant about Islaam.

○ This misguided sect came from the Khawarij Al-Qa’ida movement, the grandchildren of Abdurahman bin Muljam [The evil dog who assassinated Ali RadhiAllaahu].

○ The Al-Qa’ida movement was the mother whilst Daesh and Jabha An-Nusrah are the children. The children (ISIS) have begun making Takfeer (declaring other Muslims to be kuffar) of each other and killing each other as was the condition of their forefathers , the Najdaat [a sect of the Khawarij which was established hundreds of years ago but no longer exists] and the Azaariqa [another sect of the Khawarij which was also established hunderds of years ago but no longer exists] who made takfeer of each other and killed each other.

○ So the children (ISIS) repeated the history of their fathers in making takfeer, treachery and cheating.

– Moreover the children – meaning Daesh have even more extreme exaggeration than their forefathers.

○ The Khawarij of old used to make takfeer of those who committed major sins. As for Daesh and those similar to them make takfeer of both, those who commit major and minor sins!!!

○ When they make takfeer of one of the Muslims ➡ they ‘declare his blood, wealth and honour lawfully to be taken.’

○ I have been informed from the trustworthy people of Shaam that if Daesh make takfeer of someone:

– they carry out capital punishment for apostasy by being shot to death.

– they take his wealth as spoils of war for the stockpile reserves for the Muslims.

– they take the women folk of Shaam as slaves and they carry out lewd acts on them, with the argument that these women are what the right hand possess.

– it has also been affirmed that they carry out pedophilia with the children of the Muslims and refuge with Allaah is sought.

○ they are filthier than the Jews and Christians and more defiled than the saliva of dogs.

□ The Khawarij swear allegiance with the Shia against the people of Sunnah [i.e. both groups hate and despise the people of the Sunnah and whenever they get the chance physically try to harm the people of the Sunnah].

– when the Khawarij rebelled against the rightly guided Khalifa Uthmaan bin Affan – RadhiAllaahu anhu – there was with them Abdullaah bin Saba a senior from the Shia and along with some of those people who came from the land of Yemen, they entered along with the Khawarij and killed Uthmaan -RadhiAllaahuanhu.

Today this is Daesh which takes oaths of allegiance with the Shia Nusayreeya [i.e. their unspoken and unwritten oath of allegiance to each other is in their both working very hard to destroy the people of the Sunnah].

This is Daesh ISIS.

– they fight against the people of Sunnah in the land of Shaam; they have no mercy upon the young, or old, or those of intellect, nor the insane, or a woman or a baby.

– they display the dead bodies of the Muslims and set fire to them.

– the Hadeeth mentions: The Prophet – alayhi salat wa sallam – ‘prohibited mutilation and displaying the dead body.’

– it is affirmed from the Messenger – alayhi salat wa sallam: ‘When he would appoint a leader, he would advise him with having taqwa of Allaah. He would say to them go to battle, do not be treacherous, do not mutilate and display the body, do not kill a woman, old person nor a child.’

○ The Khawarij hate the leaders of the Muslims and they make takfeer of them:

– the Khawarij were not pleased with the authority of the Amir al-Mumineen Ali bin Abi Talib RadhiAllaahu anhu.

– they broke their oath of allegiance…and they made takfeer of him and those who were with him…

– they waged war against him and they killed him treacherously when he came out to pray the Fajr prayer.

○This is Daesh

– ‘they make takfeer of the rulers of the Muslims.’

– ‘they make their blood lawful to take.’

– ‘rather they make takfeer of everyone who opposes them from the Muslims.’

– ‘they wish to remove the Islaamic countries, because they do not view them as Islaamic countries, rather they view them as countries of disbelief. This was the aqeedah of the destructive Sayed Qutb, a leader of the Takfeeris (those who declare Muslims to be kuffar unjustly) of the modern times.

○ The Messenger of Allaah – alayhi salat wasallam – said, “They kill the people of Islaam and leave off the people who worship idols.”

○ The forces of Daesh try to wipe out the Muslims in the country of Shaam whilst the Muslims say La ilaha illa Allaah.

○ Just like the forefathers of Daesh did so when they killed the Muslims in Basara; they killed Abdullaah bin Khabbab bin al-Araat [a companion of the prophet Mohammed] and threw him in a river. Then they cut open his wife’s belly and took out the baby and threw him in the river as well.

○ They would cut off the highways in Basra, kill the Muslim and let go the Christian.

○ The Messenger of Allaah – alayhi salat wa sallam – said : ‘The whole of the Dunyaa being destroyed is lesser to Allaah than unlawfully killing a Muslim.’

□The Daesh forces:

○ The Daesh forces consist of a number of nationalities from different countries, from them:

– the people of Morocco, they are the extremist of the people in excessively making Takfeer.

– the people from Iraq and they are those who carry out killings, looting, plundering and crucifixion.

– those from the people of the Arabian Gulf carry out suicide operations.

– those from Chechneya are war commanders in Daesh.

– those from the people of Sham from the Baith party are spies and traitors. They inform Daesh of the homes of Syrians so they can kill them.

□ This is some of what I have heard about this misguided sect, dogs of the Hell fire. I ask Allaah Ta’ala to hasten their destruction.”


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