The Manhaj (Methodology) Of The Khawarij – Shaykh Al-Fawzaan

Shaykh Al-Fawzaan said, “All of this [terrorist attacks, takfir(1) of Muslim rulers/governments or of any Muslims opposed to them, jihad against innocent Muslims and civilian non-Muslims] is prevalent today – are those actions not from the actions of the Khawarij?!

Making takfir of the Muslims [without justifiable evidences and without establishing the proof upon them] and even worse – killing fellow Muslims and hating them?

This is the exact methodology of the Khawarij.

It includes three things:

1. Making takfir of other Muslims [unjustifiably].

2. Renouncing obedience to the [Muslim] leader or government [as they hold the Muslim rulers and governments are kuffar and therefore are not to be obeyed].

3. Declaring the blood of other Muslims lawful to spill [as they view the majority of Muslims as kafirs due to them obeying and being pleased with Muslim rulers and governments they hold have apostated and for opposing their rule and authority/not joining or supporting any of their various Khawarij groups].

This is precisely the methodology of the Khawarij. Even if a person were only to believe one of these things with his heart, yet he may not actually speak or do anything with them [the astary Khawarij beliefs], he is still one of the Khawarij in his baseless belief and opinions.”

Ref: Taken from the cassette: Fatawa al-‘Ulama’ fi al-Aḥdath al-Rahinah allati Ḥadathat bisharq
Madinah ar-Riyadh – 1424 Hijrah / 2004


1. To declare a Muslim a kafir (disbeliever).

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