A Analysis Of Those Who Talk About The Muslim Rulers In Public – Shaykh Uthaymeen

Shaykh Uthaymeen said, “…There is an issue now[days]: some people, out of their pride and honor for the religion of Allah, if they see crimes and evil deeds among the people which may be circulated in the newspapers, radio stations, or seen on some satellite channels, they begin attacking and accusing the government of falling short and being responsible for these things.

They go and publicize the faults of the government among the people, inciting the hearts against the leadership. In turn, this causes the people to begin hating the authorities over them. This is actually a very serious mistake contradictory to Islamic legislation, dangerous to the society, and a cause for future trials and tribulations. If such people would only rush to advise and correct the society starting with themselves, it would have been better for them.

For example, those things circulated by the various means of communication, whether written, heard, or seen  these people should rather warn others from those specific issues (instead of warning against the government).

For example, they could warn against certain magazines, against watching certain shows which are harmful to ones religion and life.

They could warn people from dealing with usury, for example. If the whole society begins to rectify and improve itself, the leader, as part of this society, would likewise improve . 

As for those who pour out their so called pride and honor for Islam upon the leaders in this way and is without doubt a wrong approach. You all know the great afflictions that occurred during the time of.

Rather, it even began earlier during the time of Uthmaan which resulted in major calamities and people began declaring lawful the taking of other [opposing and criticizing the leadership] to be incorrect and forbidden by Islam.

If a person really had true pride and honor [for this religion], then he would direct others to that which is good. But amazingly, you find some people complaining and accusing the leaders, while therere people in his society making Shirk, worshipping others besides Allah [Shirk is much greater than whatever sins are committed by the leaders].

Or he may come and try to twist the meanings of some verses of the Quran to be in accordance with his desires.

So for example, he quotes the verse, “And whoever does not rule by that which Allah has revealed  those, they are the disbelievers.” [Surah al-Midah, 5:44]

He then says that based upon this, every law and statute that opposes Islamic legislation is disbelief! This is also very wrong. Even if we were to assume the extreme  that a leader is a disbeliever, does this then mean we can incite the people to oppose him, even if it causes revolt, chaos, and killing? This is definitely wrong.

The kind of rectification and improvement desired will never come by this approach.

Rather, the only thing it will bring is great corruption because if, for example, a group of people rise up in opposition to the leaders of some country and those leaders have strength and authority that the opposing insurgents do not have, what will happen?

Will this insignificant minority prevail? It will not.

On the contrary, the opposite will happen. Evil and anarchy will result and the public affairs will be in complete disorder. It is essential that an individual looks first from the Islamic legislative point of view and not just blindly look at the texts (of the Quran or sunnah) from a single perspective. We should consider all the texts together. A person should also look at the situation with the eye of intellect and wisdom.

What will come about from this thing?

So, we believe these ways of rectification [criticizing the leaders, rebellion, etc.] to be wrong and very dangerous. It is not permissible for anyone to support or assist someone in such things. One must instead clearly reject these  we speak in general terms…

So the individual must look at the reality of his government and country and not go around publicizing and spreading the faults of his rulers, whether they are excused due to some reasons or not. These people are often blind to the overall well-being and benefit of the nation. Such a government may have something of good within it. Overlooking this and focusing on its faults is not justice.

Allah says, “Oh you who believe, stand up firmly for Allah and be just witnesses and just, that is closer to righteousness.” [Srah al-Mdah, 5:8]…”

Ref: Taken from the casette, Adf al-amalt al-miyyah id Wul Bild al-aramayn

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