Suicide Bombings In Non-Muslim Lands – Shaykh Zayd Al-Madkhalee

Shaykh Zayd Al-Madkhalee said, “This person [who says, “Sucide bombing in non-Muslim lands is permissible because some non-
Muslim governments bomb some Muslim lands and they allow the Israeli government to oppress the Palestinians,”] speaks with his [personal] view.

[A view] which is not supported by any remnants of knowledge. That’s because there are covenants and treaties between the [different] countries [the Muslim and non-Muslim countries], the result being that every country is safe from the other.

Therefore, it’s not permissible to breach the covenant [that is between the Muslims and non-Muslims].

In addition, this is not from the legislated jihad.

Rather, this is from the prohibitions [and] crimes due to the harm that comes about as a consequence [of the’s type ofor suicide bombings]. This transgression is not correct even if it is against a non-Muslim. Indeed this is never correct and there is no Islamic evidence to support it.

Rather the different countries have treaties, covenants and agreements.

Therefore it is not permissible for anyone to traverse the path of chaos. This is in order to prevent it from spreading in the world; from spreading chaos that results in the harming of Muslims and other than them, from the innocent and those whose blood Islam protects [being split].

These acts of suicide bombings, assassinations and [other] spontaneous satanic actions are not established with [any] evidence from the Book and the Sunnah.

Rather its people [i.e. the Khawarij] have made errors in this matter [of suicide bombings being permissible in the non-Muslim lands] based upon their own misunderstandings.

Thus they carry their own sins and the sins of those whom they made into soldiers and led astray, due to their lack of [having any understanding of Islamic] knowledge.

Consequently they [the followers] obey them [i.e the misguided/ignorant/confused Khawarij leaders] and follow them without proofs.

Rather they [the leaders] have convinced them [the followers] that they are [involved] in the true jihad for the sake of Allah. They the leaders have lied about that. The true jihad is only jihad whose conditions are fulfilled and its obstacles are removed.

So has the misguided group [the Khawarij] traversed the path of the true jihad? The answer is no.

Do they have for themselves the legislated authority? The answer is that they don’t have any authority except for their obedience to their desires and their obedience to shaytan.

Thus, they have done nothing but cause corruption, shed blood and ravage wealth; they’ve done this all out of injustice, jealousy, oppression and transgression.

So upon them are the appropriate punishments [that] the people of corruption and crime [receive under Islamic law].”

Ref: Nuzhah al-Qari Fi Sharh Kitab al-‘Ilm min Saheeh al-Bukhari, pages 102-103

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