The Syriain Rebels, ISIS And Al-Qaeda – Shaykh Saalih As-Suhaymee

Shaykh Saalih As-Suhaymee, said, “This organization [ISIS] are [a bunch of] criminals. They emerged initially out of the womb of [the Khawarij] Al-Qaeda.

The Syrian rebels were advancing and victorious [in their war against Assad] in the beginning and gained control over some of the cities and villages in Syria.

Although we [the Salafi scholars] disapprove of their revolting without having sufficient numbers and equipment, so that this tyrant [Assad] may not be able to slaughter them, and he has indeed slaughtered them.

However after things happened, we have to stand together alongside them.

[Yet] we don’t send our sons over there, but we support them with what we can [especially supplications for unity and victory against Assad and all his allies].

Furthermore our countries [some Muslim countries] aided them when the affair took place.

But if they had sought the counsel of the scholars at the beginning, it would have been said to them, “Be patient until Allah may accomplish a matter already ordained.”

They, the Syrian Mujahidoon were at first united and the scholars would say to them, “Be firm now, but we can’t send you anyone from the other Muslim countries and that for three reasons: firstly because the rulings of jihad don’t apply to you; secondly it means that we would send them to total destruction and thirdly we fear that they will divide you.”

That’s exactly what happened. They were at the beginning upon a good state of affairs and their ranks were united.

Then later Al-Qaeda [and ISIS] stepped on the scene and they started to divide the unity of Ahlu Sunnah over their [in


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