Jarh Wa Tadeel Practised By Students Of Knowledge Is A Door Of Evil – Shaykh Muhammad Al-Imam

Shaykh Muhammad Al-Imam said, “In our times, a door of evil has been opened, what is it?

It is the issue of Jarh wa Ta’deel practised by students of knowledge. The students of knowledge need to shut this door.

Jarh Wa Ta’deel can only be mastered by him whom is firm in knowledge; whom is free from desires; whom has disciplined himself to verify news and to seek justness in rulings and whom disciplined himself to be distant from seeking revenge and desires.

You notice [nowadays] as soon the students of knowledge dispute with his brother, he makes up lies against him, and transgresses in dealing with him [and then starts refuting and warning against publicly]…

This is a fitnah, I advise the students of knowledge: not to delve into these affairs; I advise them to be upright upon the religion; to be diligent on the righteousness of their tongues and I advise them that their tongues must refrain from that which the individual should not discuss.

Fear Allaah and be watchful of Allaah.

It is not a valid excuse for an individual to let his tongue loose as he pleases then say: I heard such and such! This is not enough, it has been narrated by ibn Umar that the Prophet peace is upon him said: “Whoever says about a believer what is not his trait, Allah will house him in a mill that gathers the juices of the people of hell until he comes out of what he said.” [Recorded in Sunan Abee Da’ood and shaykh Al-Albaanee authenticated it]

We know that Jarh wa Ta’deel is something that scholars of hadeeth were known for, but with legal guidelines, and this is what we are upon.

Therefore, the majority of scholars did not delve into it [Jarh wa Ta’deel], why is that? They preferred the safety [of not talking about others] even though they were scholars. Read about the Salaf and see who was preoccupied with this. They were the major scholars and they were few.

The people of Sunnah – and praise is to Allaah – strive to rectify their tongues so that they speak about that which is goodness. They strive in establishing the call to Allaah and give advice to the servants.

Let not the devil mess us up and enter to us from matters that we do not master, and we are not obligated with these matters because they are beyond our scholastic, mental and energetic capabilities.

I am saying this as an advisor, as you are witnessing, those who delved into this field without guidelines and without restrictions have harmed themselves. For that, I advise you that you take heed from other than you and you do not be a heed to others.

In this land (Yemen) may Allaah preserve it, we advise our students to learn the etiquette with scholars, with students, with [work] colleagues and with friends.

We advise them to say that which is good, to be distant from transgression in rulings and to be distant from hastiness in conveying that which has not been verified. We should adorn ourselves with solemness.

Why are we seeking knowledge? Do we seek knowledge to be anarchists? Or do we seek knowledge to gain the benefit from knowledge?…

The requested is to rectify tongues and we fear Allaah in what we say.

May Allaah bless you and grant you and us the success.

We ask Allaah to aid us in rectifying our tongues, O servant of Allaah, ask Allaah to aid you in rectifying your heart, your tongue, your vision, your hearing and your mind.

The Prophet peace is upon him said: “O Allaah, I seek refuge in You from the evil of my hearing, the evil of my vision, the evil of my tongue..” until the end of hadeeth. [Recorded in At-Tirmithee and Shaykh Al-Albaanee authenticated it].

Allaah the exalted said: “And do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, the sight and the heart – about all those [one] will be questioned.” (Al-Israa:36)

So let us protect our tongues from what does not concern us.

We ask Allaah for us and you the success and guidance.”

Ref: Extracted from lecture titled (rectifying the tongue) which was delivered by the Shaykh on 13-2-1434

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