The Statement “So And So Is An Innovator And If You Do Not Call Him An Innovator [Too] Then We Will Call You An Innovator,” Is Not From The Manhaj Of The Salaf (i.e. Salafiyyah) – Shaykh Abdul Mohsin Al-Abbaad

Shaykh Abdul Mohsin Al-Abbaad said, “…As for what some of the small [Salafi] students who are found in different places do – who have nothing in terms of knowledge – …[when they] meet their brothers and [beginning to say], “So and so is an innovator and if you don’t call him an innovator [too] then we will call you an innovator,” and he [i.e. the person they are calling an innovator] is from Ahlu Sunnah.

This [forcing a person to label another an innovator or they will be boycotted] is about people from Ahlu Sunnah, it is not [even] about people from Ahlu Bidah. It is about people from Ahlu Sunnah.

He [a person from Ahlu Sunnah] did something which is attributed to him, it [the thing attributed to him] may be correct or it may be incorrect, but [definitely] doing such [the aforementioned] things is not allowed.

This [behaviour] was not known from the Salaf of this ummah, that when one of them would make a mistake that he would then be boycotted and called an innovator and that the people would then be asked to call him an innovator [too] and boycott him, this is not from the manhaj of the Salaf (i.e. Salafiyyah)…” Ref:

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