The Khawarij And Suicide Bombings – Shaykh Abdus Salaam As-Suhaymee

Shaykh Abdus Salaam As-Suhaymee said, “Explosive and suicide operations which have occurred in Saudi – may Allaah protect it – and in other countries are considered to be disobedience to Allaah.

(Plus they are in) clear opposition to the statements of the prophet, his actions and his conduct, for indeed he prohibited the killing of the believing soul without due right, and he prohibited the killing of the Mu’aahadah (1), and prohibited lying, treachery, deception, and he prohibited revolting against those in authority and rejecting obeying him in that which is good, and he prohibited the committing of suicide and all of (the other things listed above) that they (the modern Khawarij) do – and we seek refuge in Allaah.

Also the prophet prohibited, even when fighting is legislated with non-Muslim, killing those who are not capable of fighting: like women, children, the elderly, servants, and likewise.

So how is it when those who  killed are Muslims guaranteed safety (or the from category of non-Muslims whose wealth and lives are protected by the Shariah (Islamic Law))?

Obedience to those Muslims in authority and revolting against them, treachery and deception – which a large corpus of scriptural texts have prohibited and the Muslims are united upon it not being permissible – makes the one who does it a criminal and makes him an apostate if he makes (any of what was stated previously) permissible.

How can (any of that) be considered (legislated) jihad?”


1 – Translators note: Mu’aahadah, are those non-Muslims who enter the Muslm lands with a covenant of safety of person and property with the (Muslim) government.

2 – Translators note: plural of Mu’aahadah.

Translated by Taalib Alexander

Ref:Al-Jihaad fil-Islaam p.41 via

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